1. Major features

1.1. Printing

This very flexible printing structure allows printing to pdf, Excel and paper. The Excel output is a early form of data export for onCourse (further options will be made available in the future). Because the reporting templates are XML based, it is possible for users to customise existing reports or created completely new reports by simply adding the appropriate XML template files to the report setup.

2. Minor features

  • Payments-out for processing refunds.

  • Programmer errors (in the unlikely event that one slips through!) now result in a special window appearing to the end user with debug information and a button which allows the user to automatically send that report back to ish. No confidential information is sent and all information sent to ish may be viewed before sending. This has proved very useful in our beta testing process, so we decided to keep this in the final release, just in case.

  • Better use of the cache on the client in order to improve speed, particularly over slow network connections.

  • Official releases of Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux builds for the server. Even though they have been available for a little while now, we now include them in our official build list.

  • Complete reworking of server starting and stopping code, resulting in faster startup and better handling of different quit conditions on various platforms.

  • Calendar view for sites and rooms

  • Improved date parser so that tricky date entry formats, such as "today -3w"(today minus three weeks) work better

  • Improved validation of data entry in many places (eg. stripping trailing spaces off most text fields after entry)

  • Cleanup of GUI to improve usability in many places