1. Major features

  • Waiting lists are now implemented. This is for students you cannot offer a place to immediately but you want to keep track of their needs. We still need to hook this into the web site, but for now we have implemented the onCourse side of this.

  • When the server starts up for the first time, you can now choose to create a new data file with sample data included. This makes it easier to people to begin testing onCourse.

  • Speed improvements. We have threaded many parts of the user interface drawing code so now much of it happens in parallel. This means that windows will now open much more quickly and the application as a whole is more responsive to mouse clicks and key presses.

2. Minor features

  • Financial transaction report (a list of transactions suitable for opening in Excel)

  • Better clarity in creating new students in the 'clairvoyance' data entry within Quick Enrol. There is now a "create new…" option at the bottom of the list of student choices.

  • Multiple enrolments may now be refunded in one go rather than one at a time as before

  • Improved progress bars for tasks which take a long time (eg. printing, duplicating classes, etc). Yes, it is only cosmetic, but it looks nice.

  • Duplicating courses now gives better and clearer options to move the classes forward a certain number of days, along with all included sessions.

  • More drag and drop events throughout the application, allowing you to drag items from a list window (eg. a student or class) onto another window (eg. the Quick Enrol window)

  • Student message field extended from 50 characters to 500.

  • Discount rounding (eg. to nearest dollar, 10 cents or 50 cents) is now possible.

  • Outcome list now shows the name of non-VET courses so that a user can quickly see which course the outcome refers to when there is no AVTEMISS module linked.

  • Dates can now be entered in the format 010207 or 01022007, both of which mean 01-02-2007.

3. Fixes

Many GUI quirks have been cleaned up now, particular in clairvoyance (type-ahead).

Windows users were not able to print if they did not have write permissions to the location where the onCourse application was located. We now save temporary print files to a better location.

The application did not prevent you from over-enrolling a class. It now still allows you to do so, but gives you a warning. We will be looking at whether we want to completely prevent this, or allow users to proceed with a warning.