1. Important changes

Over the past month, we’ve been working on a number of issues that were present in our 1.0 release. We strongly recommend that people update both server and client to 1.0.1 to enjoy the improvements.

2. Major features

When using QE to enrol a student in a class that had only a single place left, there was a bug that would not allow that last place to be enrolled. This has been resolved and onCourse now correctly allows the last place to be filled.

The quick search in the contacts list now allows correctly searching for student first names by either using either "Smith, James" or "James Smith" as originally intended.

A number of individual reports did not print correctly in 1.0. These now print correctly.

3. Fixes

  • Fixed a problem which prevented the opening of a list view

  • Fixed the problem with counting places left in the QE, simplified the code

  • Quick search is smarter now accepts ',' and space for contact list, allowing first names to be used again.

  • Avoiding issues with sorting records when printing. still one report does not work (funding)

  • Better information when printing fails.

  • Fixed problem where QE was applying the discount twice.

  • Fixed two things:

    • pressing next/prev is now consistent with opening new view for payment in/out

    • payment out validation on amount is now correct

  • Fixing queued enrolments (awaiting confirmation) not being picked up for processing

  • Better fixes for NPE that’s causing postprocessing to fail.

  • List of final statuses was incomplete – and was thus stopping the replication of cancelled/refunded enrolments

  • Improved wording of the error messages caused by exceptions in oncourse-willow communication

  • Fixed another problem with class tutor list report

  • Fixed problem with class tutor list report

  • Greatly simplified Money.getCents code

  • The 1c off bug fixed.

  • Fixing logic for whether payment is success.

  • Ensuring payments with zero dollars are not sent + enrolments are not set to corrupted status if payment obtained this status. Enrolments can try again

  • Fixed problem wih invoice with no queued enrolments but still was picked up for cc processing

  • Windows service runs correctly with external db URIs

  • Ensure firstName, lastName, email addresses are trimmed when setting values

  • Data-upgrade to ensure that firstName, lastName, email fields do not start or end with whitespace

  • Spelling mistake corrected: 'To get into another course of study'

  • Fixed tagging issues where core filters were not always displaying correctly

  • Optimizations in server frame for display of data path / uri

  • Network dabatase uris, to include host, port, database name, user and password