1. Major features

1.1. Quick Enrol new user interface

Quick Enrol now allows you to work between two panes, adding contacts, enrolments and charges to the left, while setting the details to the right. This format makes for easier single-screen editing of large windows, and a better visual overview of the information you have collected for the enrolment.

Some additional enhancements to Quick Enrol that this redesign has allowed include:

  • Ability to edit student contact details without opening additional windows

  • Ability to choose from current and past classes for enrolment

  • Automatic display of course list includes current classes that are full or cancelled so when a student requests a class that is unavailable, you have the information at your fingertips to provide an alternative class.

  • More detail shown in class summary, including number of sessions, number of enrolments, vacancies, tutor, fee and start date.

  • Intuitive user selection in list views, just like other onCourse windows

  • The ability to duplicate one student’s enrolment for a second student e.g. two friends enrolling together in the same two classes

  • Visual clues and more use of icons e.g. email and postal settings for confirmations, amount discounted, payments and additional charges

  • Option to email and/or print tax invoices and confirmations

  • both tax invoice and enrolment reports are printed now after saving QE (when required)

1.2. Banking for Multiple Sites

If your college operates multiple administrative sites where staff collect and bank cash and cheques, onCourse now includes a facility to nominate sites as administrative centres and set the default administrative centre for each onCourse user account. If users move between sites, they can change their centre once they log in.

Banking reports generated, and income considered 'banked' will then be dependent on the location of the user, ensuring that each administrative site retains full control over the cash & cheque collection it manages. A sexy new banking report (in colour) is now available.

  • Limiting the displayed payments to show only the ones in active administration centre (in banked view)

  • The change of active administration centre is governed by access right

1.3. Concessions

Any type of concession card may now be tracked in onCourse. If you choose to accept a Senior’s Card for example, you can add that card type in preferences and then enter the card details against each student. If you allow a discount to be given against that card, then the student is able to access that concession online through web enrolments as well as over the phone. You can also track the expiry date for the card as well as the card number for verification purposes.

1.4. Printing Improvements

Customised headers

Every college can create an own print header using a new text area in the General preferences under the "Print" tab. The textarea allows you to enter maximum 6 lines with up to 82 characters per line to enforce that everything fits into the report title.

It is now possible to choose any logo you wish for the printed reports. Go to File → Preferences → General → tab Printing. There you see all available reports and on the top of that a button "Set print header logo". Clicking on that opens a dialog which displays the current logo and where you can import any image (smaller that 2MB).

The image can have any height or width, it is adjusted to the correct size on the report.

Reports on Discount and Promocode Activities

  • Two new reports to allow colleges to see what sort of response they are getting for various promotional/discount activities. They can be printed from the Promotion and Concession listing windows.

  1. Promotional Code Report

    • Grouped by promotional code

    • List of classes from the query in the class window that the promotion applied to and had at least one enrolment where the promotional code was used listing:

      • Total enrolments

      • Enrolments which used the discount code

      • A percentage calculation of the enrolments which were discounted/total enrolments

      • The total dollar discount value of the discounts given

    • A summary line for each promotional code

    • A grand total line for the report

  2. Concession Report as above, but grouped by concession type

Improved Enrolment Confirmation report

This report has been completely redone and is far more useful than the old version. These can be printed or viewed from the Enrolments window.


  • Fixed VET funding report – it is now grouped by qualification and funding source.

  • Fixed a problem with class confirmation report which did not correctly dispay Companies who were tutors

  • Fixed a problem Printed tax invoice with repeated equal tax lines where the tax incurred was ommitted.

  • Printed tax invoice problem where the address of the recipient was not displayed

    • address field now is indented correctly to display inside envelope windows.

  • Fixed a problem with Printing class by subject wher the fee was not displayed

    correctly in the report

  • Fixed Debtors and creditors report:

    • name is displayed now

    • if value of credit or debt is $0 then column is left blank

  • Fixed Class tutor list report missing tutor information

  • Class by subject report fixed. Missing information is now visible again.

  • Profit and loss report fixed. Missing information is now visible again.

  • Transaction report fixed. Missing information is now visible again.

  • Print dialogs will not allow people to click on "Print" if there are no reports available to print for that window.

  • Promotional code and Concession reports – two new reports which give an overview of promotions and concessions and the classes which apply them.

  • New enrolment confirmation layout.

  • Declined credit card transaction no longer is displaying in the banking report

    • Banking window shows only successful payment in now

    • Filtering of records for reports removed.

    • All (selected) records are printed for the reports again. For the

      banking report also the failed transactions are printed, but they: * are surrounded by brackets * their values are not counted for the total sum calculations

  • Printed enrolment confirmation had no site address

1.5. User interface

  • Date fields now show dates with day of week.

  • Update date formatter so that dates like "Thu 4 Dec" are correctly parsed. Also the formatter now outputs dates in the form

    • Thu 4 Dec 2009

    • But if the year is the current year, then it is omitted. This will make it easier for colleges who has asked for 'day of week' output for ages.

    • It will also improve usability in other countries where 4/12/09 is ambiguous.

  • Fixed the drawing problems where windows would be partially drawn.

  • Class list filters could be hard to understand and use consistently and clearly. Improved:

    • Current classes (i.e., classes not cancelled and which have start date before tonight and not ended)

    • Future classes (i.e., classes not cancelled and with start date after today)

    • Unplanned classes (i.e., classes not cancelled and with its start or end date not set)

    • Past classes (i.e., classes not cancelled and with end date before today)

    • Cancelled classes (i.e., cancelled classes)

  • Selecting "new…" in clairvoyance works better by not using the entire text value, but only the part which was typed (not highlighted)

  • Fixed annoying flicker on sheet creation/initial animation. Now the sheet looks really smooth.

1.6. General improvements

  • Simplify selection of sites in the session editor, when selecting from a large (more than 50) number of sites.

  • Further improvements to mailing lists and how they are synchronised between onCourse and onCourse web.

  • Concession types. Now you can define concession types: for instance 'pensioner', 'disability pension', etc and then attach those concessions to contacts within onCourse.

  • Norwegian Kroner supported as a currency (Change this from Preferences → Financial)

  • Fixed a problem when duplicating classes where the start and end dates ended up being a day earlier then selected.


A host of small improvements has been made to AVETMISS exporting. A new user interface allows you to set 81 as the outcome status for all unset outcomes. This is very useful where 99% of your outcomes are success and you only need to set your non-81 outcome results. Also a bunch of improvements have been made to work around quirks in the Oliv tests, for instance where it doesn’t understand web based delivery sites not having a postcode, so we export something sensible to tame the AVETMISS beast.

  • No matter what delivery mode a user sets in the class, unless they set the outcome to RPL or credit transfer, they can never get '90' in the export. 10 is now the default.

  • 80 export * proficiency in English null should be ' ' not '@'

  • When exporting field of education, only export 12999 if the record in the 60 file is a course, not if it is a module.

  • Avoid error in AVETMISS export if the address field only had one line and not two.

  • Export AVETMISS outcomes as 81 always if they are non-VET and null in the database. This clears up lots of validation errors in the export.

  • VET funding report errors

    • display "0" instead of "null" for a student contact hour

    • sorting of records is fixed, records are sorted according to qualification.nationalCode

    • added the total number of hours at the bottom

  • If site postcode or suburb is blank, then export main college postcode and suburb.

  • If the course is a pretend module (non-VET but VET flagged) then the student can’t have a study reason.

  • Training organisation delivery location identifier needs to export value of administrative site if no classroom available for enrolment.

  • AVETMISS export was being exported as one single line since line breaks were stripped out. Fixed.

  • Only export to AVETMISS the enrolments which are success and not refunded, cancelled, etc.

  • Improve detection of whether the student is enrolled in a qualification.

  • Enrolments can only be linked to sites which have a physical address (not online, etc) AVETMISS 120

  • Only export student disabilities if they have a disability. AVETMISS 90.

  • Can’t complete high school if a student is under 11 years old. AVETMISS 80 workaround.

  • Ensure field of education is always 6 digits in AVETMISS 60

1.8. Internationalisation

  • Foreign currencies

    • the short symbol actually exists, and is even returned by java

    • coma as the decimal separator was confusing the BigDecimal constructor, had to replace it with a '.'

  • Added Norwegian kroner to the list of supported currencies

2. Minor features

  • Ability to change Taxes is back. Access via Financial → Taxes menu.

  • Improved the Class list UI where it appeared possible that you could cancel classes in bulk. This has been limited to only appear when one class is highlighted.

  • Fixed a bug with saved finds where certain criteria would cause the saved find to become invalid and be deleted from the system.

  • Fixing some of the filtering qualifiers so that their negations work.

  • When displaying an existing enrolment the price displayed was taken from course class (and recalculated against tax) now it is taken from the financial records and reflects the real value. This resolves the problem when viewing legacy enrolments after the tax rate has changed.

  • Fixed and added better error messages when Java is not detected on the system for windows client, server and service

  • Windows client bumped to 512M max memory

  • Fixed a problem with server not shutting down correctly

  • Can add attachments to class again

  • Fix for a problem which could sometimes occur with contact merging: a recursive loop which prevented merging from being performed.

  • Class details report missing tutor information: The tutor for a session was not displayed because the report worked on the old schema where a session had maximum one tutor. Today a session can have many tutors.

  • Using 'Unscheduled' rather than 'Unplanned' as the filter for classes without start or end dates.

  • Contact count for each message group (email, sms, post, neither) are not calculated correctly.

  • A type conversion error prevented the 'test connection' button working in the LDAP preferences window. Actual LDAP authentication was unaffected by the problem.

  • For invoices with discount equal to price (ie 100% discount) the divide by 0 errors are prevented

  • The validation messages are improved when a course with no current (or full) classes is selected

  • Session edit/create screens are not chopped anymore when adding tutor.

  • Contacts in the message screen are now sorted with respect to their messaging preferences and delivery status.

  • Modified discount codes will now update correctly on the website

  • Fixed problem where isStudent/isTutor flag might go out of sync with the actual relationship status.

  • Fixing problem where tags are being inserted twice into email templates.

  • Adding a default oncourse server timezone preference (informational for the website).

  • Allowing credit note creation for users with the right permission

  • Fixed a problem where information about discounts was not correctly been sent to the web

  • Fixed a problem with line breaks in enrolment confirmation

  • Addressed an issue where the invoice contact, amount totals and other values were not updated when the contact was removed.

  • Company name with space are now handled by the clairvoyance correctly

  • When you tried to save an export file and clicked into a subfolder, the FileChooser lost the file name and displayed only the folder which caused an exception after clicking "save"

  • Fixed the problem where the remove discount button in class edit view was removing the discount entirely from the system

  • The class cancellation was never intended to allow multiple classes to be cancelled at once. Changed the behaviour so the cancel option is not enabled when more than one class is selected.

  • The maximum number of enrolments cannot be lowered below the number of current enrolments

  • Prevent exception when trying to send messages for classes with no start date.

  • When performing the banking, make sure all payments are given the exact same banked time so that we can group them in reports later.

  • Detecting and storing the database type, using this new preference to switch off backup preference settings if internal database is not detected

  • Deposit banking screen:

    • updates correctly incorporating new payments

    • displays a notification message when there is nothing to bank

    • deposit banking frame title displays the administration centre name

  • resolved an issue with removing of the find lines in find view. (the sheet became transparent)

  • Address field fixed on enrolment confirmation:

    • margin of address is now 35mm away from the left of the page so it fits nicely into a DL envelope

    • course name and code is now beneath the address field, course name and code is 95mm away from the top of the page

  • Amex credit card option removed from QE when disabled

  • Removed fee column from the enrolment list in contact view, since it would sometimes be misleading

  • removed "No concession" concession

  • Improve handling of credit card processing to ensure the right types of payments are marked as banked.

  • When finalising the payment statuses the date banked should be only set for successful, credit card payments (and only when the payment gateway is enabled)

  • Add site column to the payment-in list view.

  • Fixing handling of offline enrolments and payments or where processing of either is disabled due to licencing.

  • If payment processing is disabled (e.g., non-credit card payment) this is succeeded whilst allowing the enrolments to proceed with processing against the gateway.

  • If enrolment processing is disabled (e.g., website not enabled) then these are succeeded whilst allowing the payment to proceed.

  • the property name clash between contact and country was causing small validation hiccup

  • Avoided an error when clearing all characters from clairvoyance

  • Course/class code detection ought to be case insensitive.

  • contact email/print flags set (still the emails are not sent, neither the confirmations printed)

  • Logs should all now have date and time

  • Fixed problem with viewing access roles where blank spaces appeared instead of text and no checkboxes set.

  • Fixing default Enrolment confirmation template to use invoice.number rather than enrolment.number

  • Improved selection of room for timetable sessions, now it is done the same way as in class: first select site, then room

  • Opening an edit window for promotional code or discount does not cause record modification which caused a prompt to keep or discard changes when closing the window

  • Prevented being able to set the automatic logout timeout to zero which meant no user would be able to log in again.

  • More meaningful message when attempting to delete an access role that’s in use