1. Important changes

There have been no public releases between 1.7.6 and this version. The versions in between have been issued privately to beta testers and to fix specific issues at certain sites. All fixes and improvements have been rolled into 1.7.11.

2. Fixes

  • Fixed a bug introduced in 1.7.5 with discounts that were set to fee override. This discount did not save correctly and only affect the discount percentage.

  • Prevented an exception that arose when adding an additional contact to QE when the original contact did not have a class selected

  • Resolved the issue where financial preferences could not be opened more than once in the same session.

  • Fixed a bug with relating to access control. For users with limited access to class edit view, the information displayed did not refresh correctly and appeared as if blank.

  • In the class by subject report, the reported value of maximum places in class was not always correct

  • The merging process no longer exposes the password field for either contact.

  • Improved the quick search field in invoice, enrolment, payments and contact list. This now follows the same rules as when used in Quick Enrol and contact names can be entered as either "John Smith" or "Smith, John".

  • Allowed arbitrary GL account codes to be set by the user. Previously they were restricted to starting with a first digit designating the type: asset, expense, etc.

  • Mandatory tags that are missing now correctly display a warning when editing a record.

  • Resolved the issue where tutor names and class codes were displaying incorrectly on the class contact and details report.

  • When entering a complete course-class code in Quick Enrol, if class corresponding to the code was full, would auto select a different class that was empty instead of a non-selection. Now an error is shown and the user required to make another choice.

  • Resolved issue where private booking was failing if the end date was not specified.

  • Tags are now sorted according to weight & name, which prevents tag groups appearing in random order.

  • When a credit card payment is declined it now displays the following clearer text to the user:

    • "keep the invoice, charges and enrolments for later payment", or

    • "cancel the enrolments and create a credit note so that this transaction is reversed from onCourse"

  • The special needs field has been re-added to the Contact edit views.

  • The disability report now includes information from the special needs field.

  • Merging contacts now merge tags correctly.

  • Introduced sort order in contact screen to include sort by lastname, then firstname, rather than only on lastname with firstnames being arbitrary.

  • Fixed validation issue for course field of education.

  • Resolved issue where if a qualification was chosen, it was not possible to enter a field of education that differs from qualification

  • Sometimes NTIS course/qualification data would take a very long time to download. This problem should be resolved.