1. Fixes

  • Fixed a problem with downloading AVETMISS related modules, and qualifications where the records downloaded would reach a certain number and refuse to download more.

  • Fixed a number of server shutdown issues

    • for Windows: the window would go away but it required opening up Task Manager to actually quit the onCourseServer.exe process

    • for Mac OS X: the server window would not go away and requires a Force Quit in order to quit onCourseServer

  • Fixed a rare bug in QE where setting the discount value manually in the class selection pane equal to the total value of enrolments would credit the payer 10% of the total when the enrolment was saved.

  • Fixed a problem when trying to import XML import files.

  • Fixed not being able to share saved finds.

  • Enrolment confirmations now correctly display all lines in the address block, instead of just the first line.

1.1. Known Issues

Problem saving a session

If you:

  1. add a new tutor to an existing class which already has sessions,

  2. tick the "Add the selected new tutor to class sessions" check box

  3. without saving the class, edit an existing session and tick the tutor you added in step 1

then, you will not be able to save the class.

The workaround is to save the class after step 2.

Saved find

Deleting a saved find does not refresh until a new list window is opened.