1. Minor features

Re-enables the ability to define via a checkbox whether a discount is automatically applied to users via Quick Enrol. Previously discounts were always automatically applied if the student was eligible to receive that discount.

2. Fixes

  • Fixes a bug where the tag assignments could be relinked to refer to the tag group (e.g., Subjects) if redefining the tag definition.

  • Fixes the export of xml for class prices over $999 (removing comma separators)

  • Fixes mysql binary data storage definitions to allow attachments over 32kB.

  • Fixes a problem where message sending could send multiple emails to some contacts when one or more of the contacts on the list had invalid data. Emails are now sent and tracked individually.

  • Fixes a server-side problem where refunds could fail (the banks would sometimes reuse their tracking numbers).

  • Fixes the contact list view tag filtering for 'Currently enrolled' and 'Currently teaching'

  • Fixes a problem where the quit button in the login window didn’t quit the application.

  • Extensive improvements to the AVETMISS export for State specific export formats in NSW, QLD, Tasmania and (almost) Victoria. You can now export AVETMISS for specific classes in any of these formats.