1. The Bug Fix

We resolved a bug where failed and declined payments in and payments out were being recorded against the Trade Debtors account (by default code 11500) and cheque account (default: 11100)

  • Incorrect transactions are removed when onCourse is upgraded to 1.7.21.

  • The amount owing on invoices is not affected by this bug.

2. What does this affect?

On the Profit and Loss report, the Trade Debtors and Cheque account values would have been incorrect if there were Failed or Declined payments. This situation is only possible for customers using the onCourse credit card gateway.

3. Who should upgrade?

All customers who use onCourse payment gateway services.

Upgrade Duration - For customers with large amounts of data (if your database folder is 2GB or larger in size), the upgrade may potentially take an hour or more. during this time, no clients will be able to login. Once the progress twirler, on the onCourse Server interface, has stopped, clients will be able to connect again. We recommend that the upgrade be done out of hours.

4. Known issues

  • Merging does not currently work. It gives an error message: The merging process failed to initialise, please report the problem to developers.