1. Fixes

  • Our calendaring plugin is the only closed source library we use and an unfortunate error with the license keys has caused it to expire on midnight of 24 May 2009. This problem is now resolved and an automated test implemented in our system to ensure this cannot happen again. At ish we tend to avoid closed source libraries whenever possible for exactly this reason: we were eventually able to diagnose the problem by decompiling the library and discovering exactly what it was doing, something that is far easier when dealing with open source code libraries. On the other hand, this calendaring plugin is very reliable and gives us the gorgeous interface you see in the calendaring parts of onCourse.

  • Fixed a bug where stepping through a list of elements in clairvoyance would lose the highlight on the typed text

  • Don’t highlight a class when the class is full in QE

  • Fix problem which prevented the removal of concession card types related to discounts for the web site

  • Fix population of invoice line amounts from web site when a discount was applied. The amount would be out by the value of tax on the concession. This only applies to web payments.