1. Important changes

This release is a stability and bugfix release.

2. Fixes

  • Refunding of credit card payments is now possible directly through the user interface. This allows you to directly refund students who previously paid by credit card, without knowing their credit card details or logging into SecurePay.

  • When taking a payment for a contact with multiple invoices, the selection of which invoice are being paid has been made clearer.

  • When merging contacts, the password is no longer visible to the user

  • General ledger account codes no longer need to start with a special digit.

  • Merging contacts now merges tags from both contacts

  • Fixed a problem could sometimes result in the AVETMISS export failing.

  • The field of education ID should be disabled and display the data from the qualification record. The field should only be editable by the user when a qualification has not been selected.

  • Students had a "Special Needs" field that had been removed from the user interface in a previous release. This is now back.

  • Sorting on contacts is now by lastname, then first name. Previously only last name was considered

  • When searching for contacts in the enrolments list you can now type "lastname, firstname"

  • Tag groups across the list views are now sorted by weight then alphabetical

  • Updated the budget report

  • Credit card declined message made clearer

  • The concession/promotional interface has been reworked to make setting up discounts clearer.

  • Fixed a bug which severely slowed the update of Modules and Qualifications to new and sample databases.

  • Attachments – images over 500kb are not allowed to replicate to the web site. All other file types are restricted to 5MB

  • Speed improvements within Quick Enrol, particularly when used from a remote office over the internet

  • Within Quick Enrol, entering the full code of a class with no vacancies will no longer automatically select the first non-full class available.

  • When records have mandatory tags required, they now have a message displayed to indicate to the user that this is so.