1. Important changes

In this release we’ve merged the Message and MessagePerson tables. If you have custom scripts accessing these entities directly, please review those scripts after the upgrade. All scripts which use the standard closures to send messages will work fine without modifications.

2. Minor features

  • Removed deprecated method of document replication OD-10060

  • Amended Creative Kids redemption script to allow for vouchers to be redeemed before the new year OD-16783

  • Newly added documents are made private by default. OD-16774

  • Add 'Allow Waiting List' to courses bulk edit function OD-16757

  • Batch payment-in link to documentation OD-14741

3. Minor fixes

  • Fixed an issue where discounts were not applying if a certain value was null. OD-16772

  • Fixed an issue where timezone was not appearing for virtual sites. OD-16791

  • Switching payers in checkout and then adding a new person will select the wrong payer OD-16659

  • Custom fields preferences is slow when there are a large number of fields OD-16761

  • Mitigation against CVE-2021-44228 (log4shell)

  • Default Waiting List reminder failing OD-16504

  • Chrome UI - scroll bar disappears in Chrome when using 90% zoom OD-16786

  • Cannot set class as self-paced in some circumstances OD-16825

  • Last column width issue when Tags column enabled OD-16712

  • Invoice source field is showing a money value, not the source OD-16794

  • Automation saving in card view adds unnecessary quotes OD-16819

  • Scripting: courseClass.payableClassroomHours is totalling the session hours, not payable duration OD-16828

  • Certificate transcript search doesn’t work by code or name OD-16831

  • Bulk tag edit doesn’t refresh for each subsequent use OD-16832

4. Reports and scripts

  • Remove the 'Class Roll - Age' report which hasn’t worked for years and isn’t very useful OD-12028

  • Student and tutor class notification scripts should be configurable to the number of days in advance to notify OD-16539