1. Major features

  • Added notes to Sales OD-16664

  • Added tags to products OD-16715

  • Added notes to Products OD-16720

  • Added documents to Products OD-16721

  • Allow custom fields on Products OD-16722

  • Added documents to Sales OD-16726

  • Added tagging to Sales OD-16727

2. Minor features

  • Remove taggable inheritance from Message OD-10207

  • Add NOT NULL constraints on createdOn and modifiedOn fields for all tables OD-12326

  • In Class Timetable bulk edit, rename forward and backward to later and earlier OD-14566

3. Fixes

  • Fixed issue where bulk editing a tutor roster would apply unexpected results OD-16812

  • Fixed an issue where if you tried to bulk edit Tutors and Duration in the class timetable bulk edit view at the same time, an error would throw OD-16815

  • Fixed an issue where onCourse was trying to account for daylight savings changes when it shouldn’t OD-16861

  • Fixed an error that sometimes occurred when opening Products with disabled income account OD-16862

  • Added bulk edit to some list views that didn’t previously have it - Enrolments, Outcomes and Assessment Submissions OD-16863

  • Fixed an issue where duplicating a session wouldn’t copy tutor roster as well OD-16864

  • Fixed an issue where Student transcript would not generate OD-16850

  • Fixed an issue where some contacts could not be merged OD-16868

  • Fixed high contrast theme issue where title section would go fully black on scroll OD-16878