1. Important changes

2. Major features

2.1. New automation view

All the automation windows have been updated with a new more informative view. Gone is the clutter of a thousand scripts in the left sidebar and instead there is a new library style view with descriptions of the actions you might like to add.

Install any number of automations from the library, and then enable or disable them as you please.

3. Reports and scripts

  • Remove class cancelled print report which was faulty and add new columns to the class budget export to show cancelled enrolments and total credits given OD-17091

  • Default export for contact in json format OD-17098

4. Minor features

  • Removed IS_VOCABULARY field from Tag entity, use getParent() instead OD-11515

  • Removed unused Payslip.paymentInLines/paymentOutLines reationships OD-12515

  • Can now restrict financial data on dashboard with access control. This is controlled by the Invoices permission. OD-12897

  • Better debugging of failing automations, we now display in the error the line in the automation from which the error originates OD-15574

  • Added categories to automations OD-16921

  • onCourse systems with custom scripts that drop to a lower-level licence plan will no longer be able to use those custom scripts. OD-17043

5. Fixes

  • Fixed spelling error in Assessments section of Class OD-17061

  • Fixed an issue with enrolment transfers OD-17076

  • Fixed an issue where the document shareable link would not be versioned when it shouldn’t be OD-17081

  • Removed additional validation that was constraining saving new tags with certain characters OD-17082