We are pleased to announce onCourse update 120, includes an upgrade from USI webservices version 4 to version 5, a new VET reporting screen, some minor upgrades to the functionailty of discounts, and a few bug fixes. As always we appreciate your feedback and support and remain commited to making onCourse even better to use.

1. Major Upgrades

  • Upgraded all systems from USI webservices version 4 to version 5 OD-17392

  • New VET Reporting screen OD-18117

2. Minor Features

  • Reworked how discounts can be selectively displayed, now available to be selected to use for solely online enrolments OD-18146

  • The days before an audit log is automatically deleted is now able to be changed OD-18088

  • New CSV export for discounts by class OD-18151

  • Custome fields are now available to quotes, leads and invoices OD-18089

3. Minor Fixes

  • When writing descriptions using legacy text the spacebar was not adding spaces correctly OD-18052

  • Running an AVETMISS export while using a custom date prompted an error OD-18049

  • Waiting list bulk delete did not have a confirmation dialog OD-18064

  • Error when creating a new invoice from the invoices window OD-18073

  • Changed some wording involving removing related items from the checkout OD-18084

  • Discounting a class by 100% would create a price of -$0.01 when listed online OD-18127

  • Advanced Query Language with .tags wasn’t functioning as intended OD-17397

  • Payrun values wouldn’t round the cents amount and will show 3 digits for cents OD-18221

  • Some queries using AQL would be automatically wrapped with quotes OD-18218