We are pleased to release onCourse version 122 to all customers which includes some bug fixes, including a reworking of how tutor pay is generated, and some new quality of life features as well.

1. Minor Features

  • Added the ability to bulk delete student feedback from within onCourse

  • Added field inheritance to specific enrolment and outcome fields when a bulk edit is completed. OD-18645

2. Minor Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where tutor pay was interrupting regular system operation, sometimes freezing and crashing the system. This is now fixed.

  • Improved searchability of custom fields, particularly date and dateTime type fields OD-18464

  • Fixed an issue where users were unable to upload a new or amended PDF report OD-18499

  • Fixed an issue where list views were losing horizontal positioning when scrolling vertically OD-18073

1. V122.4175 updates

5th February 2024

This small update features some minor changes to the product-related dashboard links, a new version of the Class Timetable Report - Planning PDF report and a small change to how an AVETMISS-related field in Enrolments exports during the AVETMISS Export process. It also includes some work towards some soon-to-be-released new features.

1.1. Minor Features

  • Changed the name of 'Sold Items' to 'Sales'. Displays all sold products (products, memberships and vouchers).

  • New dashboard selections; Sold Products, Sold Memberships, Sold Vouchers. Will open to the 'Sales' window with the Products, Memberships or Vouchers filter active by default, depending on your selection.

  • AVETMISS Reporting - updated behaviour of the enrolment field 'fee exemption/concession type' field. If you set the field as OS, it will always export in the NAT00120, regardless of the flavour or other settings.

1.2. Minor Fixes

  • Amended Waiting List message template description to reflect the fact that it cannot be sent manually.

  • Added an amended Class Timetable Report - Planning PDF report that adds a page break between each class.