1. Important changes and updates

1.1. AVETMISS data no longer inherits

Class, Enrolment and Outcome AVETMISS fields no longer inherit values. For example, 'funding source state' could be entered in the Class and if you didn’t override that field in the Enrolment or in the Outcome, the Class value would be used. The value would display with a padlock to show the value that was used came from the Class.

Now in release 16, this doesn’t happen. Instead, when you create an Enrolment or an Outcome, the value is copied from the Class, rather than inherited. This happens once so that if you then change the value in the Class, the Enrolments and Outcomes that already exist are not updated, but new enrolments and outcomes will reflect the change. We made this change since it causes less confusion for new users.

It is important to note that this change means that changes to the class timetable after enrolments are created will not automatically update the start and end dates for outcomes.

1.2. Old AVETMISS export gone

The old AVETMISS export window had a number of bugs and has now been completely removed. There is nothing you could do in the old window that you cannot do in the new.

The search panel on the dashboard has been moved to the left and is now collapsible. Given that we’re moving to a browser-based application later in 2020, we needed to re-think our approach to navigation as it won’t be possible to use the standard navigation menus like we do in the current java version of onCourse. This small but noticeable addition is the first step towards introducing this change.

1.4. Missing features

In version 16 there are some features missing from the new Class user interface. They will be returned in version 17. In the meantime you can hold SHIFT while opening the window to access the old UI. These features are:

  • clash detection on timetable

  • bulk updating classes to publish them online

  • bulk updating timetables

  • bulk updating outcome statuses

2. Major features

The following windows have been migrated to the new user interface:

  • Courses

  • Classes

  • Contacts

  • Enrolments

  • Outcomes

There are significant changes particularly in the class edit view including a new places available projection graph and a new timetable editor.

3. Reports and scripts

  • Outcomes which have been reported are now locked OD-12759

  • Class UI: Reportable hours field now populates with data from Course by default OD-13659

  • 'Default reportable hours' label in Classes is now simply called 'Reportable Hours' OD-13668

  • Added Historic projected pre-paid fee export OD-13511

3.1. Minor features

  • Added new Class duplicate UI OD-12994

  • Removed inheritance functionality from some fields OD-13042

  • Contact Merge: Added a merge success pop-up. OD-13289

  • Added new UI for class cancellation. OD-13423

  • Added new UI to generate tutor pay for class OD-13427

  • Contacts: added find related items to new UI OD-13457

  • Added merge contacts to new UI OD-13466

  • Contacts: Added generate tutor pay for tutor OD-13467

  • Added Traineeship Courses to Courses list OD-13517

  • Added new USI integration OD-13533

  • Removed list view counts to improve performance OD-13538

  • Animation on attendance scrolling OD-13613

  • Contacts: Can now select Gender > Other OD-13616

  • Tutor Pay generation from cogwheel generates for all classes when non are selected OD-13619

  • Added help icon for prior learning OD-13637

  • Added vetPurchasingContractScheduleID field to Outcome edit UI OD-13640

  • Dashboard: Added keyboard control for search results OD-13658

  • Added custom field keys to search query autocomplete OD-13680

  • Courses: Add sorting by code for modules at searching OD-13681

  • Added Contact image editable indicator OD-13706

3.2. Fixes

  • AVETMISS Export - funding contract outcomes mixed with fee for service OD-13678

  • Fixed a pagination issue when list updated between pages OD-13086

  • Removed extra scroll bar that appears on OSX OD-13562

  • Improved audit table query performance OD-13545

  • Made easier to edit label, help text of custom fields within Data Collection Form OD-13530

  • Security: Set Account permission to View if role has Invoice and Payment permissions OD-13377

  • Find Anything results - windows should include search term when opened OD-13439

  • Improved performance when opening Scripts in Automation section OD-13498

  • Fixed an error where vouchers were created with expiry type NULL OD-13502

  • Fixed an error where wrong 'Due Date' was displayed for invoices with payment plan OD-13516

  • Fixed instances of old UI windows opening when using Find Related instead of new ones OD-13519

  • Fixed an error where users could not reconcile banking deposits manually OD-13522

  • Fixed an error where Waiting Lists window went white when creating new record

  • Fixed an error that could occur when re-ordering multiple tags OD-13528

  • Fixed an error where 'Course' drop-down shows all courses instead of checked as 'Allows Waiting lists' in Waiting Lists OD-13542

  • Fixed an error where root tag without child is displayed in edit view OD-13543

  • Fixed the 'Unauthorised' error that occasionally appears before login OD-13546

  • Timetable: fixed an error that occurred if start date time and end date time were different years OD-13549

  • Fixed an error where Custom Field would let you save in incorrect circumstance OD-13556

  • Added a warning message on edit view about mandatory tags OD-13557

  • Fixed an error where font weights didn’t display in Firefox OD-13560

  • Fixed an error where courses list was not updated after duplication OD-13578

  • Fixed a Sales search query not working OD-13596

  • Fixed incorrect validation when changing Payment Out banked date OD-13600

  • Preferences > Tutor Pay Rates. Fixed an endless spinner after updating record OD-13601

  • Fixed an error where some dashboard latest activity records contained invalid urls OD-13635

  • AVETMISS Export - Fixed rare error where NT was not exporting with correct state identifier in NAT00080 and NAT00085 OD-13677

  • Invoice line: fixed an error where course related link is always disabled OD-13691

  • Enrolments: Full time flag (QLD). Fixed an error where unable to set 'No' or 'Not set' values OD-13723

  • 2-column view: Fixed an error where list could break when there were few records OD-13736

  • Certificate - Find Related - fixed an error where enrolments showed incorrect results OD-13762

  • Don’t show '0 enrolments already have certificates' OD-13763