1. Important changes

When viewing an outcome in detail view, you’ll now see a list of any associated AVETMISS uploads the outcome is attached to. You’ll see the date the export was run, who it was run by and the status of the outcome.

You can now log in with your email address. The old username also works, but email address is preferred and is what people expect from applications these days. Check that your email address is properly configured in security settings.

2. Major features

The following windows have been migrated to the new user interface:

  • Documents

  • Assessments

  • Change password

For users of onCourse in a web browser, we’ve improved the way the back and forward buttons on work without losing any search or filtering information. This also means you’ve be able to save windows as bookmarks in your browser and to share those links with colleagues. When creating support tickets with ish, please send us the URL of the window you are looking at.

3. Reports and scripts

  • Fixed an error where demographic report ignores selection of records OD-14144

4. Minor features

  • Add documents search on dashboard OD-12684

  • Removed unneeded scroll bar in Share on Mac OS OD-13562

  • Animated dragging columns OD-13934

  • Added left sidebar navigation to additional pages like Automation OD-14018

  • Email marketing in new contact now set as accepted by default OD-14125

  • Tutors list view: non-active tutors now appear greyed out OD-14134

5. Fixes

  • Security settings: "Require 2fa every …​ hours" now works in browser instead of asking every time. OD-14000

  • Added error messaging around outcome deletion when attached to successful AVETMISS export OD-14014

  • Can now search for @ in email OD-14136

  • Find Related from Invoices to Classes now works OD-14138

  • Gmail now renders new lines in custom messages OD-14139

  • Notes were not duplicating to new classes OD-14140

  • New notes now add at the top


  • Can now remove site from session OD-14159

  • Fixed course page not rendering data in new UI OD-14165

  • Fixed enrolment status appeared differently between old and new UI OD-14166

  • Fixed certificate couldn’t print using outcome from prior learning OD-14179