1. Fixes

This release has a relatively minor set of bug fixes, mainly focused on VET and AVETMISS reporting. We strongly recommend this upgrade to any RTO since the issues here are quite important. For other users, it is a low priority upgrade.

  • Since onCourse 2.1.0 the Qualification selected in Course could change to a different qualification. In reality, this did not happen often which is why it hasn’t been seen until now. The only real impact is typically related to AVETMISS exports.

  • Allowed creating Courses with Unit of Competency but no Qualification

  • Invoices created in Quick Enrol should be linked to the Account derived from Class. Fixed problem where this Account could change to the default account defined in preferences.

  • Added field 'Country' in the Site user interface

  • In NAT0020 export default country is Australia

  • 'Credit note' heading appeared in overpaid Invoice, when printed. 'Invoice' heading appeared on overpaid Credit Note, when printed.

  • Tutors were missing when upgrading onCourse. This only affects customers upgrading from 1.7 to 2.x who are using an MS-SQL database

  • Reduced onCourse memory footprint during upgrade process from 1.7