1. Fixes

  • During NAT20 export the default country code was wrong, now correctly showing Australia. This only affected sites which did not have an explicit country set.

  • Significant improvements to the synchronisation of data between website and onCourse including attendances and outcomes, contact phone numbers and postcodes, notes field for waiting lists and more.

  • Preventing rare scenario where contact and/or student record could be duplicated when synchronising data to the website

  • Wide range of improvements to the synchronisation of enrolment data with the website. Fixed issues with enrolments not updating their 'in transaction' status

  • Refunding enrolment after entering wrong credit card details could lead to application freeze.

  • Enrolments not linked to any invoice are now correctly opening in edit view

  • Fixed an issue upgrading onCourse 1.7 to 2.1.11 when using a MS-SQL database and particular types of data

  • Minor formatting and display fixes in cancelled classes printed report

  • While compiling a new printed report possible error messages shown are more meaningful to the user