1. Reports and scripts

  • updated class detail report

  • new report for cancelled enrolments

1.1. Important notes

  • the wage records which do not inherit the oncost from tutor role have to be re-created or edited to include the oncost. All new wages are working properly.

2. Fixes

2.1. Important fixes

  • wages calculations with added oncost are now correct

  • oncosts are editable again for all class budget entries

  • access to users list and editing is now following the permissions

  • whitespace characters do not corrupt xml export

  • removed duplicate lines from xml export

  • during startup the data file location is handled in a better way, avoiding problems with spaces in the path

  • server application and service shutdown now does not fail

2.2. Minor fixes

  • Documentation updated

  • in some cases user interface widows with tabs were displaying incorrectly

  • next/previous buttons don’t disappear for users with view access rights

  • copy/paste works again in clairvoyance/quick search text fields

  • when creating new certificate some modules were not available, fixed

  • searching on Course status is fixed

  • xml export does not include not relevant related records