1. Reports and scripts

Improvement to the class cog wheel 'create certificates' function allowing you to create a mix of VET and non-VET certificates in a single action

2. Fixes

  • Some problems were introduced in 2.1.2 which prevented some parts of the onCourse Web from being updated after changes in onCourse. This is now fixed.

  • In an attempt to fix the advanced search on tags, 2.1.3 broke search on subject tags in the class list view. This is now fixed. Searching on more than one tag at once in the advanced search still has problems and the fix is targeted for 2.1.5 in the next few weeks. This issue has proven more complex than we hoped.

  • Some users running MS-SQL and MySQL back end databases had troubled upgrading past 2.1.1. This fixes the problem.

2.1. Minor fixes

  • Advanced find fixed for 'Tagged with'

  • Advanced find fixed for 'Number of enrolments' (note this includes cancelled and credited enrolments)

  • Advanced find fixed for SMS, Email & Post searches for 'accepted and can be delivered'

  • Fix to QE process where sometimes contacts defined as companies could not be selected