1. Reports and scripts

  • Added total columns to the Sold/Max and Male/Female columns in the Class by Site report

  • Added more information to the Tutor Details report, including records of all sessions taught

  • Student special needs report added to include information record on Notes tab, Special Needs

  • Student contact list report now includes course-class code where printed across multiple classes

  • Added current active enrolment count to Class Hours report

2. Minor features

  • Redesign of the onCourse server start up process to identify the onCourse.iocdata file path and confirm it is correct each time the server is restarted

  • Email addresses have been added to postal export option for use with 3rd party mailing systems

  • Email from name preference added to General Preferences > Messaging tab, allowing user to change from email from output as actual email address, to a name or word of their choice

  • New advanced search options available in class window for sessions including session (on/after/before) date and session count (is/is not/greater than/less than) count.

3. Fixes

3.1. Major fixes

  • Improved onCourse server caching for website record synchronisation, where an intermittent fault was previously delaying record changes e.g. changes to class descriptions

3.2. Minor fixes

  • Fixed advanced search 'Not tagged with' option and 'tagged with' option

  • Corrected error in Quick Enrol that prevented a company from being assigned as payer

  • Fixed issues with saving email address in the preferences

  • Corrected error in Quick Enrol where membership discounts were not automatically applied

  • Fixed ability to create $0 payment records

  • Improved display of the QE list of results when many records are displayed (stops list resizing where text becomes small)

  • Allow the creation of sample databases where an onCourse.iocdata file already exists

3.3. Notes

  • Advanced search 'tagged with (or parent of this tag)' and 'not tagged with (or parent of this tag)' still requires further fixes