1. Reports and scripts

  • Date and time selectors have been added to financial reports for Transaction Summary, Transaction Detail, Payment In, Banking Report & Reconcile Report to allow for more accurate and specific ranges to be selected on report generation

  • New Report: Cancelled Classes Count, available from the class window. This report sums all the enrolments that existed prior to cancelling the class and the income that was received. This report will assist with the management of future class scheduling and accountability of programming staff.

  • Statement report corrected to show all entries sorted by date order

  • Traineeship Training plan report fixed and will print successfully

  • Print invoice balances have been corrected to show negative balances for credit notes

  • Improved layouts and summary data of the Sales Report and Sales by Course Location reports

  • Improved layouts and added tutors to the Classes Report

  • Added printed date range information to Transaction Summary report to meet financial audit requirements

  • Allow printing of Transaction Summary and Detail reports from both the Accounts and Transactions windows

  • Improvements to Invoice and Credit Note layout with better headings and suppression of payment advice information where there is a $0 balance outstanding

  • Fixed word wrapping in Enrolment Confirmation for long site and room names

  • Added tutor name to Classes List report

  • Correct data for start and end dates in Class Tutor List report

2. Minor features

  • For the NAT00085 AVETMISS exports we previously added a field to onCourse called "title", so this will now export any data you have entered in the title field in the NAT00085 file. We have also added a rule that will export Mr where gender = male and Ms where gender = female if no title has been entered. Only students without a gender or title will still export blank titles for AVETMISS purposes. This is particularly important in Tasmania where they have a special validation rule for this which no other state does.

  • Changed the VET course validation rules to allow courses to be created with units of competency but no reference to a qualification. This will allow the creation of Skill Set courses. In addition, the new style templates for Statements of Attainment allow you to reference a skills set by adding 'public notes' to the certificate face. Customers with custom templates may want to review their certificate options in light of this new AQF requirement.

  • Release of 64bit Windows Service Application, to take full advantage of RAM availabilities in high intensity environments

  • Show only classes currently running or running in the future by default in Quick Enrol

  • Display cancelled classes scheduled currently or in the future by default in Quick Enrol

3. Fixes

3.1. Major fixes

  • Errors relating to tutor wages and tax amounts, preventing class duplication, adding new wage lines to budgets and merging contacts have been resolved

  • Data upgrade to amount owing for invoices to resolve problems with user interface showing an incorrect balance that may conflict with printed report amounts

  • Fixed a race condition that stops large message lists from building in a timely manner. This was preventing high volume messages from being created.

  • Fixed an issue with the display not updating when email messages had been sent successfully, resulting in messages showing queued status even after successful sending

  • Exporting to CSV would sometimes fail due with problematic data.

  • Fixed validation problems where units could be deleted or changed in a student record, but changes would revert on save and record re-open. Units can again be successfully deleted or modified from the student enrolment record as required.

3.2. Minor fixes

  • Corrected use of class core filters running in combination with tag record filters, to show expected results. Selecting cancelled classes was not correctly populating results.

  • Fixed results for subject filters in tutors list to mean 'tutors teaching classes linked to courses tagged with…'

  • Fixed bug that allowed you to open a dialog within a dialog (class > enrolment > outcome > add) but not let you save changes. Dialog within dialog opening is now prevented, records can be accessed and modified via other methods.

  • Postcodes in the North Territory would export to AVETMISS 85 as three digits rather than four.

  • Enabled ability for users to deleted unprinted certificate records. Printed certificates can not be deleted for auditing purposes.

  • Ensure file extensions are correctly rendered even when user preferences have disabled system wide file extension display