1. Major features

  • AVETMISS: Add additional field and change to export to meet 2011 NSWAPL requirements. 'Training plan developed' field added to enrolment window.

  • Message controller: GUI refresh to show in a single list users receiving email, SMS or post, including manual deselect options and ability to open list view of un-contactable students.

  • Messaging improvement: Add 'including people who are emailed' to postal option. Allow users not to post marketing material to people who have been emailed.

  • Private booking: Auto populate class fee, account code and GST status from last instance of class, auto populate next available class code and auto populate the enrolment for all students in the quick enrol instance.

  • Tutors: Added Legal name option to differ payroll from publicity

  • Outcome list: display unit National code column

  • Enrolment list: Add date column to Enrolment list view

  • Database constraints: added a range of protection in the back end database to prevent null and corrupt or broken records

  • Copy & paste list view records into excel. Run your desired query, highlight the records you want in the list window and copy. Open excel to paste records.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Sales by Course location. Available from the enrolments menu, groups sales for onCourse software users by their administrative location. Useful for calculating sales commissions.

  • Room Details Report. Available from room menu, shows all sessions running in a room in a given date range, including details of the tutor(s) assigned and no. of enrolments.

  • Class Timetable Report. Available from the class menu. Shows all sessions for a given range of classes in a specified date range. Useful for providing detailed timetables for students or tutors enrolled in multiple classes at once.

  • Class invoice record. Available from the class menu. Shows the related invoices for all students enrolled in a given class and the payment status of those invoices.

  • Single session class roll: Available from the class menu. Designed for sessions where the students are required to sign the roll and return the completed roll to the administrative centre after each class session.

3. Fixes

3.1. Important fixes

  • Timetable display: fixed instances where timetable display would not show the tutor name or venue as selected

  • Greatly improved tags and timetables component speed for editing

  • Fixed tutor window where some record edits prevented save

  • Improved sending speed large volumes of messages (email/SMS/post)

  • Tags: couldn’t save records were tag type was defined as mandatory. Mandatory tags now allowed again.

  • Tags: unexpected results were displayed when tags applied to multiple record types. Expected results now display.

  • Payment out: Certain user settings prevented contact record credit notes loading into payment out window so a refund could be processed.

  • Report fixed: Invoice: Total invoice amounts incorrectly calculated to $0

  • Report fixed: Class tutor reports: Shows class date range again in report

Minor fixes

  • Label "Per hour" budget cost → Per unit"

  • Fix class cog → select 'create certificates' – print dialogue to display correct options for VET certificates and non-VET certificates of attendance

  • Add better exception handling and user messages for server start up fail

  • Enrolment confirmation: remove details from the enrolment confirmation when 'in publicity' is unchecked

  • AVETMISS: Training Contract ID and Training Contract Client ID validation, if one field is completed, the other must be also.

  • Could not send messages to contacts marked as companies

  • Custom filters by active enrolments didn’t return expected results. Query fixed.

  • Enrolments all search for students enrolled in multiple classes didn’t return expected results. Query fixed.

  • 'Display only sessions for current classes' check box in Timetable tab of Contact window did not function as intended

  • Display enrolled class sessions in students timetable

  • Course status 'enabled and visible online' did not always properly update the database values correctly, making the course unavailable in quick enrol

  • Prevent total message failure where bad contact validation stops email sending

  • Reverted quick enrol to open into class enrolment option first, instead of contact details

  • Windows 7 & Vista incorrectly reported that onCourse was not correctly installed due to lack of registry changes