1. Important changes

With this release we strongly recommend you run onCourse from Firefox or Chrome using the new pure web interface. Use the URL https://.cloud.oncourse.cc and replace with the name of your college. We’re very proud of our work up to this point, and would like to thank those of you who helped shape this new onCourse UI with your excellent feedback. We’ve incorporated almost all of your suggestions along the way, and onCourse is the better for it.

From this point on, we’ll be rolling out changes more often, but they will be much less dramatic. Mostly you’d not even notice the changes other than things working faster or more intuitively. So we’ll not be emailing you notifications before each release, unless there is something important to tell you. Instead, you’ll notice an enhanced news panel within the dashboard. There you will see webinars, new changes and other useful information.

2. Major features

Checkout has now been added to onCourse, replacing the old Quick Enrol with something that is faster, better and easier to use. We’ve covered the four main steps of the Checkout process in a set of videos.

There are a couple of things still missing from checkout which you’ll need to hold Shift and use the old window for. We are working hard to bring those to you as soon as possible.

  • Traineeships

  • Voucher redemption

3. Minor features

  • Show detailed error message from USI agency if there’s a setup error OD-14443

4. Fixes

  • Fixed an error where Print Certificate without USI permissions checkboxes in User Roles didn’t function OD-13593

  • Added UI warning if user tries to unlink tutor from session where payline already exists


  • Recovering a deleted document OD-14352

  • Fixed an error in Contacts - VET > Achieved In Year validation OD-14354

  • Fixed flickering scroll bar problem OD-14366

  • Fixed an error where Contact relations appeared broken OD-14420

  • Fixed an error that occurred when email template had no html or plain body OD-14421

  • Fixed issue around adding payment plan to class with already defined enrolment fee OD-14423

  • Fixed and issue where Module Name and Code weren’t updating when scrolling in 3 column view OD-14424

  • Fixed error where users couldn’t save Query script block OD-14431

  • Fixed an error where outcome list fails to open class outcomes OD-14444