1. Reports and scripts

  • Tutor reminder before each session OD-13827

2. Minor features

  • Add on demand scripts to dashboard navigation OD-14241

  • Traineeship duplicate OD-14438

  • Delete 'Imports' category from dashboard OD-14518

  • Improve event display on dashboard OD-14525

  • Checkout: make enrolment price editable OD-14534

  • Scripts run: add spinner OD-14547

3. Fixes

  • Generating Tutor Pay from class window comes up blank OD-14250

  • Message header: replace subjectTxt with real message subject OD-14345

  • Course relations only show one way OD-14426

  • Export Prior Learning with AVETMISS OD-14453

  • Multiple emails sent to students when sent by class using contact template OD-14509

  • Unable to 'unbank' payment out OD-14510

  • USI: Read fresh preferences every time OD-14513

  • Checkout: payment methods not show when navigating from invoices list OD-14514

  • Script: query closure parsing wrong OD-14515

  • Script: can not change options for system scripts OD-14516

  • Date of payment field missing from Checkout OD-14527

  • Checkout: discounts are not shown after 1st class OD-14539