1. Reports and scripts

  • Statement report displays same payment out twice OD-14562

2. Minor features

  • Security Settings: Add permission for Student Feedback (Survey) OD-12995

  • New Export - ASQA Enrolments Audit Export OD-13604

  • Preview for SMS OD-14325

3. Fixes

  • Render email: remove bindings param from method invocation OD-14344

  • Actual payable time (minutes) field in class attendance doesn’t affect tutor pay OD-14450

  • Checkout: tax recalculation taking too long OD-14471

  • Security: View Session permission shows warning on opening class OD-14503

  • After re-loginĀ 'Quit' window open OD-14517

  • Payment Out not applying to selected invoice OD-14520

  • Payment In with payment plans OD-14535

  • Core Filters missing when accessed via find related OD-14543

  • Message templates: make Enrolment templates available from Classes list OD-14545

  • Dashboard latest activity links broken for classes and courses OD-14552

  • Invoices: invalid payment plans owing calculations OD-14560

  • + is being removed from AQL queries OD-14563

  • Disabled courses showing in Checkout Items List OD-14568

  • Company address not appearing on new generated invoice records OD-14571