1. Important changes

On demand scripts are now mixed in with other navigation items in the main menu. You can add them to favourites or just type to search for them.

2. Major features

3. Reports and scripts

  • Statement report displays same payment out twice OD-14562

4. Minor features

  • Store session in DB. The server can now be restarted without logging out users. OD-13111

  • Bulk update of default fields when editing at enrolment level OD-14263

  • Preview for SMS OD-14325

  • Warning when user closed window with unsaved changes OD-14528

  • Merge on demand scripts with other navigation OD-14570

  • Checkout: 'purchase' cc transaction intead of auth/confirm OD-14586

  • Checkout - Show Payer name on the top of the credit card payment panel OD-14591

  • Message Alert for Operator OD-14585

5. Fixes

  • Checkout - Showing more reasons for payment failure OD-14477

  • Payment In with payment plans apply to the correct items automatically OD-14535

  • Checkout: Printing Invoice after finishing checkout shouldn’t use core filter OD-14573

  • 2FA failing OD-14581

  • Show All Outcomes only shows in progress outcomes OD-14583

  • Webapp opens links outside webapp OD-14588

  • Checkout applying payment in payment to all invoices, not selected invoice OD-14596