1. Minor features

  • Adding bulk update of default fields when editing at enrolment level OD-14263

  • On demand script: myob-journal OD-14382

  • Checkout: redeem voucher option OD-14439

  • Improve clarity of previous invoices paid OD-14601

  • Adding bulk update of default fields when editing at class level OD-14604

  • Favourites / all navigation OD-14610

  • PaymentIn shows linked invoices OD-14613

  • Remove documents and assessments old UI OD-14617

  • Remove OSX installable application OD-14618

  • Show old message templates in new message view OD-14621

  • Checkout - Change naming of 'Process Automatic payments' checkbox OD-14634

  • Enrolment bulk edit OD-14639

  • Add filters to prior learning list OD-14211

  • SMS character count and preview OD-14289

  • Message Alert for Operator OD-14585

2. Fixes

  • Moodle integration: url path is wrong OD-14649

  • Automatic logout doesn’t trigger in web browser OD-14521

  • Error message showing when users print Invoice PDF. OD-14584

  • SMS preview not updating when no recipients OD-14607

  • Canvas Integration doesn’t work when Canvas has too many courses OD-14615

  • Adding enrolment from class doesn’t add class to checkout automatically OD-14633

  • Transferring an enrolment - payer not being loaded automatically OD-14644

  • Refundable Payments not Showing OD-14646

  • Don’t show 'incorrect voucher' error until full code is entered OD-14648

3. Web features

Display virtual (online) classes using the timezone of the users' browser.