1. Important changes

Note that the onCourse client application and jnlp application are going away after the next release. Make sure you are logging in with a URL like https://acme.cloud.oncourse.cc

2. Major features

We’ve added a new Batch Payments feature to onCourse. This is a brand new screen that will show you a list of contacts with saved credit card data and unpaid invoices where the due date is in the past. You can run the batch payment and the system will attempt to process each payment one by one. You’ll be shown each successful and each failed transaction as they’re processed, and each successful payment will trigger a payment successful email to the contact.

3. Minor features

  • React migration: Imports API OD-12795

  • Web app manifest improvements OD-13422

  • Increase dark theme contrast OD-14228

  • script: cloudassess-enrolment-create OD-14372

  • script: course-completion-survey OD-14373

  • Checkout: credit card auto payment OD-14440

  • Batch payment OD-14641

  • Remove CC stored in system for user OD-14656

  • Remove enrolments and outcomes OD-14680

  • New button in Checkout - 'Start New Checkout' OD-14700

  • Checkout - Change to Summary heading to show count OD-14702

  • Batch payment open from payment list OD-14709

4. Fixes

  • Add filters to audit list OD-14206

  • Can’t add virtual site to self-paced class OD-14670

  • Checkout - Invoice not automatically selected when applying payment in OD-14673

  • Long previous owing list is missing scrollbar OD-14674

  • Discount Expiry relative to class start OD-14681

  • Checkout - Transaction Failed window not rendering OD-14683

  • Credit notes for cancelled enrolments - name of creator not showing OD-14685

  • Can’t manually add outcome to enrolment OD-14686

  • Script pop-up UI issue when typing into field OD-14687

  • Script Query - quotes not working OD-14695

  • Checkout: no loading indicator when opening checkout from invoices list OD-14696

  • Checkout: $0 payments are broken on Firefox OD-14698

  • Checkout label isn’t displayed properly on Firefox OD-14706

  • Custom fields are not presented in aql autocomplete on first load OD-14708