1. Important changes

Please note that the upgrade from a previous version may take a little while; larger databases could take 10-15 minutes to upgrade. Please don’t stop the upgrade while it is in progress.

2. Major features

2.1. User interface improvements

  • Remove empty tutor wage record from budget when class is duplicated and "assign the same tutors.." option is not selected

  • Improvement to the visual layout of the Quick Enrol window to ensure the delete record icon doesn’t get hidden behind the scroll bar

  • Class budget now deduct manual discounts from the total income

  • After removing the entire class timetable, the class start and end dates would be retained. Now they are removed.

  • Added ability to query on enrolment or invoice source fields

  • Increased default server permgen memory from 64 Mb to 256 Mb to prevent out of memory errors when running complex data exports

2.2. Report improvements

  • Sales Report fixed to print all records on a single page

  • The class CSV export has been fixed to only count active enrolments

  • Improve the Transaction Detail report to show the account name on every page, the contact reference name for every invoice and payment in record and correct the page by page account totals to always show the account total.

  • Fix the transaction detail and summary report to show the data of transactions to the COS Discounts given account

  • Added new Transaction CSV and XML export options

  • Fixed Discounts by Class and Total Discount reports to exclude GST for discount fee income reported

2.3. Transaction record improvements

  • Display the deferred income journal method in cases where the college had not explicitly chosen a setting. If you have not selected a Post prepaid fees option in the financial preferences, the applicable income for each class will be posted every session to your chosen income accounts. See the Deferred Income chapter in the user manual.

  • Fix to transaction record details to balance GL transaction account debits and credits where default account options had not been selected by the college

  • Invoice transactions in the general ledger would sometimes be posted at midnight instead of the correct time of day

  • Added server start up trigger to transfer pre-paid fees in advance liability to the designated income account, for college who shut down their server overnight. The standard process is for this job to run at 12.30am.

2.4. Tagging improvements

  • Improvements to tagging and filter results when multiple entity types are tagged with the same tag

  • Removed advanced search options "Not tagged with" and "Not tagged with (or parent of this tag)" and added "tagged with (including children)" as part of the re-factoring to tag filters and searches to improve the return of accurate cross table results

  • Improvement to the filter user interface in the sidebar options of every window. Now tag filter groups can be collapsed and hidden from view.

  • New feature: Tag groups for courses and classes are shown twice as filter options in the contact window, once for filtering students enrolled in, and a second time to filter for tutors teaching classes that are tagged with that tag option.

  • Show tag long name inside onCourse user interface list views. Only use short name for URL generation.