1. Major features

1.1. Dashboard

The onCourse dashboard has been implemented. This shows a graphical representation of recent enrolment and financial activity for an 'at a glance' view of your college’s business activities

1.2. Budget

New layout has been implemented for the class budget tab to provide more and clearer information about actual and budgeted income and expenses. In particular a whole new mechanism has been implemented to estimate the dollar value of discounts given away. The fields for enrolment minimum, maximum and projected which were previously located on the general tab, have been moved to the budget tab to improve the layout and now show for all budgeted items a comparison between the income and expenses for maximum, projected and actual columns.


AVETMISS export options have been updated to meet the AVETMISS 6.1 requirements including the addition of the Specific Program Identifier field in the NAT00120 and the capacity to automatically set outcome status 90 for all outcomes not yet set during the export process

1.4. Deferred income.

Rather than posting income to the general ledger at the time of enrolment, fees are posted to a "pre-paid fees" liability account in the onCourse GL. This is then journalled over to income as the class delivery occurs, giving you a much better view of actual income measured against delivery. This is particularly significant when you take enrolments in batches (eg at the start of term) and delivery stretches out over several months.

1.5. Minimum requirements

onCourse 3.0 increases some of the minimum requirements.

  • If you are running MS-SQL Server as the database backend, you need to be running version 2008 or better.

  • Java 6 is now required as a minimum. This means that some older G4 Macs which cannot run Java 6 are now excluded.

2. Minor features

  • Automatically send email confirmations and invoices to contacts through Quick Enrol, where an email address has been provided. User options are now limited to selecting to print or not print at the end of the enrolment process.

  • Automatically remove students from a waiting list once they have enrolled in a class from the course they were wait listed

  • Allow onCourse administrative users to change their own passwords

  • When processing a refund, automatically create a zero dollar payment with a special type/status of "CONTRA" which matches the invoice to the credit note. Note that it may not pay 100% of the invoice since the refund could be for less than the total.

  • Change the message in the enrolment status column of the enrolment window to show that the student has completed the course. If the enrolment is active, it will now display 'complete' when the end date of the enrolment has passed.

  • Allow tagging on rooms

  • Display list of certificate records issued to a student in their student enrolment tab

  • Add country field to site records

  • Add timezone field to site records, to correctly display class times on websites when crossing timezones e.g. daylight savings. This will be important if you have delivery locations in multiple timezones.

  • New advanced search option for contacts to located contacts 'with concession type'

  • Allow for $0 tutor wage to be set

  • New options to export payslip to CSV and XML formats

  • Added tutors list and enrolment count to classes CSV export

  • Allow invoice due date to be edited after invoice creation

  • Allow editing of invoice billing address after invoice creation

  • When creating a class, allow the parent course to be found by course code search

  • Apply alphabetical sorting of rooms in timetable creation drop down menus

  • Allow refunding of administration fees to a different general ledger account than the enrolment fees

  • Created a new payment type called 'other' to use for payments that are neither cash, credit card, cheque or EFT

  • Emails can be larger than 32kB

  • Added totals to the financial sections of the students record, to see at a glance the outstanding balance of a student’s account and updated layout of payment in/payment out data to make transaction information clearer

  • Addition of a Student Transcript Report to provide to students mid-enrolment and advise them of all their current outcome statuses

  • Added sold/max and male/female subtotals totals to Class by Subject report

  • Addition of class defaults to the general preferences tab to set default enrolment minimum and maximum, delivery mode and national funding sources for all new classes created

3. Fixes

  • Prevent the use of "/" character within tag names as it adversely effects automatic URL generation

  • Prevent record exception when tutor is deleted and then re-added to a class

  • Override rounding of GST amounts in full class fees where fees would previously round up or down 1c or 2c from the whole dollar.

  • Removed 'offer automatically' option in discount window. All discounts are always offered automatically when a promotional code is not required and the client otherwise meets the set discount requirements.

  • Allow outcome statuses 81 and 82 as valid options for setting VET unit of competency outcomes.

  • Corrected advanced query options in enrolment window so you can search for enrolments in classes which start or finish in a specific date range

  • Fixed class duplication process where sites and rooms weren’t being carried forward when this option was selected

  • Correctly display per unit costs in the budget summary with the correct per unit label

  • Set all traineeship courses as full qualification courses by default

  • Correct display of inherited outcome delivery mode e.g. now displays mode set in class, instead of not set, when the outcome hasn’t had it’s delivery mode overridden locally

  • Improvement to timetable session editing to ensure only the session in focus has the time or date change applied

  • Validation fixed for setting VET outcome statuses of RPL or RCC type, allowing delivery mode to be set as NA (90)

  • Fix tax preferences default to allow no GST as a default option

  • Retain marked attendance records even if an enrolment is cancelled

  • Do not delete outcome records that have been used to create certificates even if an enrolment if cancelled

  • Accurate tag search results when searching across records with multiple tag types

  • Recognition of more attachment types, allowing files to be later exported out of onCourse

  • Prevent auto export of outcome 81 for outcomes where units were added to the student record post enrolment

  • Changed the label in enrolment record from Fee Paid to Fee Charged to clarify that the payer has been invoiced this amount for the enrolment, but may not have paid for the enrolment in full

  • Improve processing speed and efficiency for running exports. Efficiency gain shows that exporting 1000 records now reduced down to 1 to 2 minutes, improvement aids the export of larger data sets