1. Major features

We’re introducing Funding Invoices, a new feature that will help you to track any monies owed to you via additional funding, separately from the student invoice. For single enrolments where the class has a funding contract (that isn’t fee for service), an additional window is now available in the Checkout called Funding invoice. Set the provider contact, set the purchasing contract ID, set the amount you’re expecting to receive in funding, and then set the expected payment dates.

Of course, if you don’t want to use this feature, simply flick the switch at the top of the window and it will go away, allowing you to move on to accepting the student payment.

These invoices are created in onCourse and not sent to the contact, as a way for you to track your funded payments internally.

funding invoice
Figure 1. Funding invoice in the Checkout

2. Minor features

  • Added new 31/32 international student funding codes OD-14791

  • Added customer reference and invoice notes in checkout OD-14810

  • Credit Notes from Enrolment cancellation are now linking to Enrolment record OD-14808

  • Upgrade mariadb connector OD-14820

3. Fixes

  • Import parses variables incorrectly OD-14814

  • Import scripts should wait for server to return result OD-14815

  • updating document with new version error OD-14723

  • Error When Opening Document: version doesn’t exist OD-14738

  • Issue applying payment by voucher with related contact OD-14801

  • "Process Failed" error message when generating tutor pay OD-14809