1. Major features

1.1. ASQA audit delivery reports

ASQA requires RTOs to produce customised spreadsheets before an audit, similar to but different to the AVTEMISS exports. To save you time converting your existing exports to ASQA requirements we’ve produced a set of reports you can use for this purpose.

1.2. Bulk tagging and tagging

A new add/remove tag UI comes along with a way to use "bulk edit" from the cog wheel to apply tags to lots of records at once. Be careful, there is no undo!

2. Reports and scripts

  • ASQA audit delivery reports OD-13924

  • script: product_purchased_web_script OD-14385

  • Modernise script: send-enrolment OD-14397

  • Modernise script: send-invoice OD-14398

  • Modernise script: send-payment-receipt OD-14400

  • Modernise script: send-voucher OD-14408

3. Fixes

  • Traineeship class: Unable to change tutor for existing session OD-13801

  • Query autocomplete - Outcomes.status returns list of payment statuses OD-14824

  • Credit Card Payment missing details which allows refunds to work OD-14881