1. Important changes

We recently informed all onCourse users via an update on the onCourse dashboard that we would be periodically updating scripts in the system with newer versions of these scripts. This work is now completed in version 37, so you’ll notice in your system now several 'new' scripts. If you had the default scripts turned off in your system, then the old ones have been simply updated with the new ones, and there’s nothing for you to do. if you had any default scripts turned on and they hadn’t had their name changed from their default name, these will now appear with the word 'old' in the title. This denotes that you are still using an old script.

The newer scripts are much more user-friendly in that they allow all users the ability to edit the variables within the script. These variables change per script, but typically they are used to set the message templates referenced by the script. This, as well as re-factoring the script code to make them run more efficiently, was the main goal of these script changes.

We’ve also implemented some nice new usability features like the drag and drop UI for uploading new documents to onCourse.

2. Reports and scripts

  • script: send-weekly-finance-summary-report OD-14410

  • script: alert-students-of-assessment-release OD-14368

  • script: alert-students-of-related-class OD-14369

  • script: alert-tutors-of-assessment-release OD-14370

  • script: canvas-enrol OD-14371

  • script: mailchimp-subscribe-on-enrolment OD-14376

  • script: mailchimp-subscribe OD-14377

  • script: mailchimp-unsubscribe OD-14378

  • script: membership-notification-renewal OD-14379

  • script: micropower-update-members OD-14380

  • script: moodle-enrol OD-14381

  • script: notification-of-unmarked-attendance OD-14383

  • script: notify-tutor-of-unmarked-attendance OD-14384

  • script: send-account-statement OD-14386

  • script: send-application-decision OD-14387

  • script: send-application-received-notification OD-14388

  • script: send-birthday-voucher OD-14389

  • script: send-certificate-created-notification OD-14390

  • script: send-certificate-vet-created-notification OD-14392

  • script: send-class-cancellation OD-14394

  • script: send-class-confirmed OD-14395

  • script: send-enrolment-notice-for-tutors OD-14396

  • script: send-enrolment OD-14397

  • script: send-invoice OD-14398

  • script: send-payment-plan-reminder OD-14399

  • script: send-payment-receipt OD-14400

  • script: send-refund-advice OD-14401

  • script: send-student-class-commencement-notice-7-days OD-14402

  • script: send-student-class-commencement-notice OD-14403

  • script: send-tutor-class-cancellation-notice OD-14405

  • script: send-voucher OD-14408

  • script: send-waiting-list-reminder OD-14409

  • script: surveygizmo-send-invite-on-completion OD-14411

  • script: surveygizmo-send-invite-on-enrolment OD-14412

  • script: surveymonkey-send-invite-on-completion OD-14413

  • script: surveymonkey-send-invite-on-enrolment OD-14414

  • script: sync-availability-cancellation OD-14415

  • script: sync-availability-enrolment OD-14416

  • script: xero-journal OD-14417

3. Minor features

  • Display discounted prices in right-hand column of class edit view


  • Implementation of drag and drop feature in Documents UI OD-14826

  • Extend custom field types with new data types OD-14827

  • Reviewed and improved AVETMISS export code OD-14875

  • Added Message template variable type OD-14890

  • Integration closure, name is no longer mandatory OD-14905

  • Made script trigger entity a dropdown box OD-14920

  • Query closures now use context variable by default OD-14921

  • New message template: alert students of assessment release OD-14930

  • New message template: alert tutors of assessment release OD-14931

4. Fixes

  • Removed a redundant horizontal scrolling sidebar from the Dashboard OD-14882

  • Fixed error where CourseClass/Traineeship clash validation worked incorrectly OD-14878

  • Fixed error when navigating between related sites and rooms OD-14888

  • Fixed Import error OD-14894

  • Now allow last outcome to be deleted if enrolment is cancelled OD-14897

  • Fixed error where Latest Activity cleared on Dashboard refresh. No longer clears on refresh, only logout OD-14901

  • Fixed an error where money fields allowed more than 2 digits after dot OD-14902

  • Removed validation of Entity field in message templates OD-14903

  • Updated 'List ID' field label in Mailchimp integration to 'Audience ID' OD-14910

  • Fixed error where Daylight saving time was not shown in date entry helper in onCourse OD-14919