For this latest release we’ve focused on a few bug fixes, building a couple of new integrations, and an update to the Portal Checkout so that it now uses the same Checkout as your website. We’ve also put some work into Google Analytics, fixing an issue where multi-student enrolments could show the wrong quantity and wrong dollar amount, and adding a new GA event that fires when the 'Enrol Now' button is rendered on screen.

1. Major features

  • Converted all manuals to asciidoc OD-14839

  • Added a new Learndash integration OD-14885

  • Added a new TalentLMS integration OD-14941

  • Fixed a possible issue with multi-student enrolments in Google Analytics OD-13030

2. Reports and scripts

  • script: ecoach-enrol updated to new style OD-14375

3. Minor features

  • Made CorporatePass common component for all Products OD-13097

  • Made adding payroll in class easier to understand OD-14183

4. Fixes

  • Cannot Search for and Locate Existing Documents to re-attach to Contact OD-14945

  • Fixed an error that stopped Export AVETMISS 8 from creating NAT00030A file when expected OD-14960

  • Viewing audit records for a script will now only show audit records for that script entity, instead of all scripts OD-14966

  • Fixed a Smart & Skilled Export error that could stop the export from running after it had already been running for long periods of time OD-14976

5. Web

  • Credit Card payments made in the Portal now use the same Checkout UI as on the website