1. Minor features

  • Increased allowed length of Course Code to 128 characters OD-13610

  • onCourse distribution for Windows OD-14771

  • Creating certificates via the cogwheel will no longer include Not Set outcomes OD-14788

  • Removed tutorConfirmedDate attribute from CourseClass - it’s not required OD-14877

  • Minor visual improvements to dashboard news OD-14916

  • Visual improvements to Contact Merge UI OD-14933

  • added 'Invoice Date' as a displayable column in Invoices list view OD-14968

  • Added Drag-and-drop feature to Documents window OD-14939

  • Additional work has been done to show Response Code and Response Text during CC payment failure OD-15063

2. Fixes

  • Forms now auto scroll to error field in data collection forms OD-14834

  • Age restriction is no longer lost on class duplication OD-14961

  • Minor Scrollbar flickering in some list views OD-15078

  • Fixed all broken links in upgraded DSL documentation OD-14977