1. Major features

1.1. Course relationships

We’ve completed many of the remaining parts of the course and product relationship feature.

  • Checkout OD-15324

  • Add relationships in Product records OD-15350

  • Relationships can now join to modules and qualifications OD-15349

  • Enable switching relations directions for saved items OD-15356

1.2. Tutor pay types

To make it easier for you to process contractors and employees differently, we’ve added a new tutor pay type. On the tutor record you can completely disable payroll generation (eg. for full time staff) or set them to employee or contractor.

  • Tutor pay type enum for payslip OD-15370

  • Pay notification message template OD-15371

  • Send message to payroll list OD-15372

  • Tutor pay default type for tutor record OD-15373

  • Script trigger for Payslip → paid OD-15374

  • New Message Template - Tutor pay notification email OD-15377

  • Tutor pay processed email scripts OD-15382

2. Reports and scripts

3. Minor features

  • Tasmania specific reporting requirements for 2021 OD-14836

  • Email component for Advanced script UI OD-12355

  • Remove unused dependencies to make the application smaller OD-15274

  • Upgrade bugsnag OD-15291

  • Better document card layout OD-15307

  • New standard importer: custom field types OD-15368

  • Christmas Theme 2020 OD-15390

4. Fixes

  • TypeError in /class/3809 OD-15348

  • Message script block - not sending template SMS OD-15362

  • Discount not applying automatically even though it appears in discount field OD-15379

  • Fix security warnings in github typescript analysis OD-15389

  • Classes - Spelling error in self-paced timetable OD-15391

  • Issue adding and removing mandatory tags in bulk OD-15392