1. Major features

1.1. Search for empty joins

Searching is now possible, like in this example on the Site list view:

rooms is empty

Specifically, this will find all sites with no rooms. The 'is empty' query can be used in any list view search.

2. Minor features

  • Memberships in the COntact record view now display more information OD-13717

  • Single student enrolments into classes that have the same default funding contract are now grouped into a single funding invoice OD-14874

  • Added new dashboard links for Automation and Preferences sub-windows OD-15312

  • Updated document permissions that display on document info dialog OD-15409

  • Added Cron job for clustered server OD-15421

  • Auto Increment service for clustering OD-15424

  • No longer show disabled classes in the checkout class selection OD-15431

  • Upgraded hashing algorithm for passwords OD-15388

3. Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where changes to the VET Training Plan weren’t saving OD-15338

  • Fixed an issue where SSL Certificate renewal was not detected until server restart OD-15361

  • removed errant 'discount' pay type from pay types window OD-15376

  • Fixed and issue where the student was not automatically added to checkout when it was accessed via the class record OD-15402

  • Fixed an issue where voucher status was not set to Redeemed after applying from checkout OD-15406

  • Fixed an error when saving a note to a room OD-15412

  • Fixed an error where the payment out amount would change itself unexpectedly OD-15413

  • Fixed an issue where a Voucher added with sellable items relation type could not be purchased within Checkout OD-15417

  • Training plans are no longer copied during class duplication OD-15422

  • Fixed an error where users could not enrol a new contact created in checkout OD-15434

  • Fixed an issue where the Canvas integration wouldn’t save OD-15435