1. Important changes

This is a minor onCourse release with only three bug fixes and one new feature.

2. Major features

2.1. Proxies and document management

For users who have no direct connection to the internet, this will allow the new document management feature to work through their proxy server.

3. Fixes

3.1. Prepaid fees

When you create an invoice in onCourse, the general ledger is not immediately credited with the income from training delivery. Instead, a liability is created called "prepaid fees". onCourse then journals that liability to income as the class delivery takes place. Some onCourse users don’t use our general ledger or worry about pre-paid fees. In that, case this issue will not affect you.

A defect was discovered that has existed since onCourse 4.0. The issue is triggered when a student had only partially paid for one invoice, then enrolled in another class, creating a another invoice. The remaining fee liability component from the first unpaid invoice (or invoices) was reset to be the full balance of the original income, resulting in a potential over allocation of income from the liability account for that invoice. On upgrade to 6.0.1, the over allocated invoice’s income will be debited against the appropriate income account and credited to the fee liability account to bring all account balance back to the correct position. You will see these paired transaction lines posted on the date the upgrade takes place.

This is a once off adjustment which will bring your general ledger back into the correct position. For most users this means you will see a decrease in your income that corresponds with a decrease in your liability. This fix also prevents this error from occurring on any future invoices.

3.2. Web enrolments: parent/child relationships

If you are using the new parent/child relationships for online enrolments, this fix will allow those relationships to flow back from the website to your onCourse system. All historic data will automatically be synchronised.

3.3. Locking issue

We found and fixed a particular locking issue which would sometimes cause the contact window to freeze on trying to open a contact record. Mostly this was very rare, but annoying when it did happen.