1. Important changes

30 days after you upgrade to this release, deleted documents will be removed permanently from onCourse.

If you don’t want this to happen, review your deleted items and undelete anything you want to keep.

2. Major features

When adding new users or resetting passwords of existing users, onCourse will send an invite email to that user. Make sure the email address is valid and working.

3. Minor features

  • Added report component to script user interface OD-12815

  • Added disable account after <x> incorrect login attempts OD-15366

  • Removed login name for new users. New users must use email to login. Already existing users may continue to use login name. OD-15437

  • Added document storage config and limit OD-15444

  • Added a timed purge to document bin OD-15448

  • Added Script & Message template for warning of pending deletion for items in bin OD-15449

  • Added ability to send invite when making Systemuser Active OD-15477

  • Email closure deprecated OD-15367

4. Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where users couldn’t add discount to classes by tag OD-15453

  • Fixed a Script Query widget display issue with the Enrolment entity OD-15454

  • Fixed an error where users couldn’t delete Tax File Number due to validation error OD-15455

  • Fixed an error where product discount was not applying to bundled courses/classes OD-15472

  • Fixed a rare authorisation issue in checkout that could affect payment amounts OD-15485

  • Fixed an issue where trying to include a # in a script query was causing an error OD-15497