1. Major features

1.1. USI validation improvements

Once as USI has been validated, the student contact details for First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth, along with the USI lock for editing. When the student advises you they have changed their details with the USI Agency, a new option allows you to unlock the record, forcing a re-validation attempt with the new details.

A middle name field has also been added to contact records, allowing you to store this data separately from first names. Middle names stored with first names were making USI validation attempts fail.

A new type of class roll has also been added, showing if the student has supplied a USI and if that USI has passed validation or not, so your tutors can assist with the data collection process.

The USI verification process also now runs during the Quick Enrol creation, so if you choose to add a student’s USI to their record while processing an enrolment or other purchase for them, the SOAP verification will run the background.

The student merge process also only allows the verified USI data to be chosen when merging two students and will not allow two students with different USIs that have been validated to be merged. Students with the same validated USI can be merged.

The USI portal link sent out in the student enrolment confirmation and the USI reminder email has also been changed to a 7 day expiry, up from 3 days. You can also manually adjust this to a longer or shorter period yourself by editing your email templates.

1.2. Two factor authentication

An optional added layer of security for users accessing onCourse cloud instances in particular, but also useful for locally hosted onCourse servers with VPN access enabled.

Two factor authentication requires both a password and a device generated one time token, so if a computer used to access onCourse has it’s security comprised, for example, has a malicious keylogger installed, your onCourse database access will remain secure. You may use a similar process when logging into internet banking. For two factor authentication log in access to be compromised, someone would need to have the onCourse users phone and also know their password.

An application installed on each onCourse users smart phone, such as Google Authenticator will generate the one time token required to successfully log in. The token has a limited life span and will automatically update every 30 seconds inside the app.

Two factor authentication is available for all onCourse users at no cost. There is no cost to install the software on your smart phone. More information about how to enable this feature is in the onCourse manual Users and Authentication Chapter

1.3. Notes field layout

All notes fields are now multiple part records consisting of the note, with the time and dates and user details of who created it. This change has been made to the contact, course, class, site, room, application and invoice records.

Admin users can edit and/or delete existing notes. All other user types can create new notes only, but not change existing notes. Further access control options will be added in the next release of onCourse.

1.4. Enrolment tab redesign

New fields have been added to allow for changed AVETMISS reporting requirements, as well as an overall layout refresh. Additional fields have been added to the enrolment level, particularly to cater for NSW Smart and Skilled reporting that include VET in Schools flag, Purchasing Contract Identifier (NSW Commitment ID), Outcome Identifier – Training Organisation, Associated Course Identifier (SA – SACE Student ID) and Funding source – State.

For some of these fields, such as the Purchasing Contract Identifier (NSW Commitment ID) you can set the value at the class level, enrolment level or outcome level. Values set at a higher level will automatically export at the lower level, except where a different value is set. For example, you can set a funding source value at the class that applies to all enrolments and outcomes, but if one student is funded under a different arrangement, you can set that funding source in their enrolment only.

1.5. AVETMISS exports update for NSW Smart & Skilled, NSW OLiV, VIC and SA

Two new AVETMISS export flavours – NSW Smart & Skilled and NSW OLiV have been added. The previous NSW DET option is still available and is unchanged as RTOs complete reporting for 2014 data.

The new Smart & Skilled export standard includes special rules such as exporting Outcome Status – National as blank for all outcomes which have not yet commenced (any outcome with a start date after the day you run the export).

Victorian and South Australian specific fields have been added to onCourse and the AVETMISS export options have been updated in line with the 2015 export formats.

Updated AVETMISS reporting information is available in the onCourse manual AVETMISS chapter

2. Minor features

  • Addition of the voucher redemption value in Quick Enrol voucher sales process to make it clear of the difference between the voucher sale cost and voucher redemption value #20999

  • Remember the last used location for attaching files, to avoid having to repetitively navigate through folder structures #22104

  • Added per unit wage type to tutor role preferences #22967

  • Removed unnecessary UI validation requiring the onCourse user to set RPL outcomes to delivery type 'not set'. The AVETMISS export process sets this value as standard whenever an RPL outcome is encountered during export #22612

  • Add additional access control options for products, contact relation types, scripts and templates #22412

  • Add selection of background template option to the Banking Report print process #22676

  • Add new feature for scripts to include 'tagged with' options #23565

  • Added new fields in the VET tab of a student record called "Client Industry of Employment (VIC)" and "Client Occupation Identifier (VIC)" #23885

  • Add find related enrolments to the discount cogwheel option, to locate all enrolments that used a discount #23417

  • Printing of all class rolls now includes electronically completed marking results – Y for Yes – attended, N for No – absent/not attended. Sessions with no electronic mark continue to print as a blank space so they can be completed by hand #23627

  • Addition of two fields to the preferences window next to the mail server to configure an outbound mail server in order for email from onCourse to be delivered:`#23213`

    • SMTP username (optional)

    • SMTP password (optional)

  • You can now send templates from the following list views`#24380`

    • waiting list

    • invoice

    • application

    • payment in

    • payment out

  • Addition of new report in the class list "Enrolment summary by state". This shows the detail of each state’s running and cancelled classes, and enrolment numbers by gender in each class

  • Addition of a new class roll "Class roll – Age". This shows the students age in years next to their mobile phone number.

  • Addition of a new class roll "Class roll – USI". This shows the units of competency covered in the class and the student’s USI status – not supplied, verified or not verified

  • Update to the enrolment fee sheet in the class budget tab, in preparation for the upcoming payment plan feature

  • Update to the invoice edit view layout, in preparation for the upcoming payment plan feature. Manual payment schedules can be created for an existing invoice in this release, but they will not be visible to your customers until the completed feature set is rolled out.

  • With the addition of manual invoices that can be linked to a class budget in 7.0, a number of budget reports required updates to include this new type of income. Updates have been made to Budget Details by Class, Budget Summary by Class and the Pre-Paid Fee Liability report (now only available in class list, no longer in the enrolment list)

3. Fixes

  • Improved speed of drop down panels which were drawing in slow motion. This was particularly noticeable for Windows users. #23736

  • New validation message requires new record to be saved before attempting to attach documents #23894

  • Ensure selection of a top level tag also selects all records tagged with any of its child tags #23439

  • Country of Residency value was not saving when updated in the contact record #23942

  • Ensure contact merge retains saved values of AVETMISS enrolment question responses #23997

  • Quick search option in the applications window now searches by Student Name and Course Name #23975

  • Contact merge window has been resized so it won’t be truncated on lower resolution displays #23696

  • Improved speed of opening the cogwheel list when a large number of records have been selected #23699

  • Fix to application status to ensure it is correctly marked as 'accepted' when a student enrolment is processed via Quick Enrol from an 'offered' application #24016

  • Fix to payrate override function when two valid pay rates already exisit for the tutor role #24101

  • Prevent application selection from disabled courses #23994

  • Allow payroll and payslips to contain $0.00 lines as valid values #24114

  • Export OSPC for overseas delivery sites and student addresses in the AVETMISS NAT00020, NAT00080 and NAT00085 files #24202

  • Fix to the CSV Class Export file alignment when the class is not assigned to a site and room #22611

  • Fix to the VET FEE HELP export files where the class census date was incorrectly formatted #24181

  • Remove any information about GST (inc or ex) in relation to voucher products on the web as they are non-taxable supply #23603

  • Ensure invoices manually joined to a class are included in the income totals in the class budget #24047

  • Fix display of voucher 'value available' in Quick Enrol to only show the unused portions, excluding any amount applied to the current enrolment #24161

  • Customer reference field on printed invoice widened to allow for 24 characters #23786

  • Improved credit card payment failure handling to reduce the occurrence of enrolment stuck 'in transaction' #18926

  • Add Quick search option to voucher window. Quick search operates on the 'Invoice to' contact value #24276

  • Ensure 'this record has been changed' message does not appear when cancel is selected and no change has been made #24025

  • Fix the AVETMISS export dialogue so it says the 'The AVETMISS files were created in…' instead of 'The null files were created in…' #24076

  • Allow attachments uploaded in error to be deleted before saving and closing the record #24192

  • Enable voucher product URLs that have not been enabled for online sale to be accessible via direct URL for customers who have purchased them through the office #24196

  • Ensure email 'undeliverable' setting is only set automatically after 6 emails have attempted and failed to be delivered #24398

  • Improve the class to room join where the rooms have all been changed at the session level #23926

  • Allow shared saved searches to be deleted by any onCourse user #24210

  • Improvement to the user interface for opening documents from within records #24528

  • Ensure email receipt is not sent when the checkbox is unticked #24566

  • Include details of all invoices payment has been applied to on emailed payment receipt #22297

  • Fix to enrolment cancellation process that was preventing $0 enrolments from being cancelled #24586