1. Major features

1.1. 3rd Party Integration preferences

A new window to create integration preferences has been added to onCourse for the following popular commercial tools:

Moodle – A free, open-source PHP web application for producing modular internet-based courses that support a modern social constructionist pedagogy

Mailchimp – Online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results

SurveyMonkey – Create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view the results graphically in real time. SurveyMonkey provides free online questionnaire and survey software

SurveyGizmo – An exceptionally powerful survey tool designed to make even the most advanced survey projects fun, easy and affordable

These integrations allow you to create your own links to external services and products you have purchased, and define with a corresponding script how onCourse utilises these services.

1.2. New preferences windows

All onCourse preferences settings have been moved into a single window with a more intuitive layout. Under File > Preferences > General… you’ll find all the general preferences previously available (College, Licences, Messaging, Class Defaults, LDAP, Maintenance & AVETMISS).

Financial general preferences has been merged into this window and a new preference has been created for adding Holidays (unavailabilities) for your whole of business timetable and scheduling availability.

2. Reports and scripts

  • A new Certificate template has been added for Skills Sets. #24920

  • Class details report sorts in chronological order by default #25624

  • Add capacity to define the name of the export file inside a script #25654

3. Minor features

Sales improvements

  • People > Purchased memberships list view has had additional columns and core filters added to the window to make it more readable and sortable #25246

  • A new edit purchased membership view has been added to the Purchased Memberships and Sales windows. When you double click on a membership that has been purchased you can change the expiry date and view the enrolments it has been used for #25249

  • Date purchased column added to Sales window #25787

  • 'Delivered' status and cog wheel function to set status to delivered added to product sales and products filter in Sales window #25788

Other improvements

  • Add to invoice advanced search options the invoice line description #21185

  • Add onCourse student number to user choice of retention/replacement options in the contact merge feature #22694

  • Suppress the send credit note email option and send cancellation message option when using the enrolment transfer wizard #25398

  • Pre-populate Quick Enrol with the course from the transferred enrolment, along with the payer and student details #25398

  • For new users, all windows open by default to 65% of their screen size, until they adjust their own layout and preference settings #25704

4. Fixes

  • When cycling through enrolment records using the 'next' and 'previous' option, the VET Fee Help fee charged value updates to show the current record value as expected #25343

  • VET Fee Help charged value automatically calculates to be inclusive of any discounts or tax applied to the enrolment fee #25513

  • Improvement to the Class Budgets CSV export to make the values exported consistent with the values displayed in the class budget view #25384

  • When creating a new manual tutor payslip, only allow clairvoyant lookup of contacts marked as tutors #25489

  • Invoice manual payment plan view row height increased to make values readable during edit #25512

  • CONTRA payments now display on the contact financial record summary to calculate the correct totals when a payment is reversed #25526

  • Time limitations on credit card payments out have been removed #13396

  • A range of advanced search fixes to remove any instances of case sensitivity #25674

  • Fix to the cancel voucher UI to allow a cancellation fee to be charged #25790

  • Exclude any outcomes with Outcome Status – National 'Did not start – 66' from AVETMISS exporting except in NSW Department of Education and NSW Smart and Skilled export flavours #25549