1. Major features

In the bottom left hand corner of each window you will now see a question mark icon. Clicking on this icon will take you directly to the page of the onCourse user documentation that explains how to use that part of onCourse. The link to the top level of the documentation is still available in the Help menu.

1.2. Retaining outcomes on enrolment cancellation

Previously, when cancelling an enrolment in onCourse, all the outcomes associated with the enrolment were deleted as part of the cancellation process (unless those outcomes had been used to create a Statement of Attainment or Qualification record in onCourse, in which case they were kept). This meant that for funded courses, withdrawn students needed to be kept as active enrolments in the class to be reported.

Now when you cancel an enrolment, by default all outcomes with a status set will be retained. This allows you to cancel the enrolment for a funded student, making the place in the class available for another, while retaining their outcomes for reporting.

During the the enrolment cancellation a checkbox is ticked by default that says 'Delete outcomes linked to this enrolment with status "not set"'. If you have not given any outcomes a status yet, this may mean all the outcomes attached to the enrolment. This will be desirable for most types of enrolments, where you do not want to report the student as having enrolled in this program at all for AVETMISS purposes.

If the student needs to be reported as a withdrawn student for AVETMISS purposes, you have two options. Either set the value of the outcomes before the cancellation process, and they will be retained by default. Alternatively, you can untick the option 'Delete outcomes linked to this enrolment with status "not set"' so all outcomes, both set and not set, will be retained. To avoid AVETMISS errors, you will need to make sure that any unset outcomes that are retained are given a valid outcomes status, such as 60 – Withdrawn after processing the cancellation.

There is no change to the cancellation process when cancelling a class. All outcomes will always be deleted, unless they have been used to to create a Statement of Attainment or Qualification record in onCourse before you cancel the class.

1.3. Addition of 'Certificate Awarded' and 'Certificate Issued' fields

By default, the date the certificate was created on is added to the 'Certificate Awarded' and the date the certificate was printed is added to the 'Certificate issued' field. For both these new fields, you can manually edit the date to any date you want.

The default onCourse Statement of Attainment, Qualification and Transcript certificates now show these fields instead of the 'Created on' and 'Printed on' fields. If you have a custom certificate template and need assistance in updating it, please contact us

1.4. Addition of Skills Sets to the Qualification table

You can now create courses in onCourse linked to Skill Sets rather than full Qualifications. This data is updated weekly from training.gov.au. The wording in various parts of the user interface has been changed to reference Qualification or Skill sets. From a course set up and AVETMISS reporting perspective, a skill set is treated similarly to a qualification. It is only during the certificate issuing process that a special type of Statement of Attainment will be issued, rather than an actual AQF Qualification.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Improvements have been made to the script edit view to allow you to check if you have the latest copy of the script and upgrade it with a single click #24611

  • A description has been added to each script to explain what it does

  • A link has been added to a CRON helper tool to enable you to change the script schedule to your choice of date(s)

  • A new report has been added to the discount window called 'Discount take up summary'. This report shows during the date range specified, and for each discount chosen, how many enrolments for each class have used that particular discount. This report is for marketing purposes, so show you the take-up success of a particular discount during a campaign date range. #24468

  • The standard Statement of Attainment, Qualification and Transcript reports were updated to include the student middle name field. If we have created a custom certificate report for you, this change was also made to your custom report. If you have created your own custom report and need assistance in updating it, please contact us. #24195

  • A new report was added to show the projected pre-paid fee liabilty to income journals for each of the next 7 months from the date the report is run, for each class. This report can be found in the classes menu and is called 'Income journal projection' #24109

  • A fix was implemented for the trial balance report. Any accounts of type expense were displayed on the credit side, and they have now been correctly moved to the debit side #24943

3. Minor features

  • Checkbox added to class duplication to retain or discard payable time #24323

  • Allow promotional discounts and other discounts set to apply to all new classes as default, to apply to private classes being created in Quick Enrol #24721

  • Allow voucher payment in Quick Enrol to apply to payer’s previous unpaid invoices #24732

  • Search option 'created by' added to applications advanced search options #23985

  • New checkbox added to class and enrolment cancellation to send credit note email. This option is checked by default. #24053

  • Prevent users from logging in with the same user name credentials concurrently. Second login attempt will allow the user to kick out the first user #24500

  • Auto log out settings in the general preferences are now mandatory. Maximum time that can be set is 6 hours. #24256

  • Two factor authentication will be enabled for your users during their next log in if you select the option in their access role to 'require two factor authentication'. If the user cancels this window, it will be shown to them again on every log in until it is enabled. #23898

  • New access control permission has been added to for editing and deleting record note items #24277

  • Show/Hide filter preferences persists when you close and reopen the window #23042

  • Enrolments are now taggable. This allows you to create new tag groups to assign to the enrolment level, such as a funding type, so you can easily locate a group of enrolments for AVETMISS exporting #24258

  • Enrolments now have notes. This allows you to record ad hoc notes against a particular enrolment that will be automatically time and date stamped with the user name of the person making the note #24258

  • Added the VET FEE Help Census date field to the class advanced search options #24667

  • Added a checkbox to the class cancellation process to automatically create credit note reversals of any manual invoices joined to the class #24785

  • A new field has been added to the AVETMISS preferences panel for QLD reporting RTOs to record their QLD RTO ID. For AVETMISS exporting purposes, when choosing the export flavour QLD, this value will export, instead of the standard national Identifier. It is important you retain your national RTO ID in the 'Identifier' field to allow for the USI SOAP Validation process to work #25047

  • All icons and images inside the onCourse application have been updated or otherwise adjusted to provide better visual support for retina displays #23708

  • A new checkbox has been added to the class cancellation process to automatically create a credit note for any manual invoice linked to the class #24785

4. Fixes

  • Significant performance improvements were made to the loading of list windows in onCourse so they will open noticeably faster #24489

  • Emails that are unable to be sent due to mail configuration errors will stay in the mail queue rather than be marked as failed on the sending attempt #24149

  • Fix to user account permission 'override tutor payrate' to allow this to be enabled and disabled for different user roles #24509

  • Quick Enrol will now select the class starting next by default #24749

  • Fix to advanced search results when you are searching for date type data 'on' a specific date. Previously a from and to date range was required to return valid results #25094

4.1. AVETMISS improvements and fixes

  • Improvement to the AVETMISS export rules for all states to set the At School Flag to N when Labour Force Status Identifier equal to 01 #24977

  • Fix for the Victorian AVETMISS export: where course commencement date is earlier than the enrolment date then export the course commencement date in the enrolment date field #24633

  • Unicode characters are automatically replaced with ASCII characters in AVETMISS export files during the export process e.g. Zoë will be converted to Zoe for AVETMISS, but the student’s preferred spelling will be stored in onCourse and can be printed on their certificate #24397

  • Added additional validation to the AVETMISS export process to prevent outcomes with start and end dates different to their class dates from exporting if their date range doesn’t match those set in the export runner #25004