1. Important changes

The "timetables" view has been removed from this release. This view was not well optimised for speed and the way it displayed all sessions from all classes in one big view wasn’t terribly useful. The poor performance of this view was giving new users a bad impression, where there are better ways to show a timetable from site, room, class, course, student or tutor views. We’ll restore this view once we have a more useful interface designed.

2. Major features

2.1. User defined payment types

onCourse now allows you to add your own type of payment methods, for example, VET FEE HELP, B-Pay or PayPal. You can also edit any existing payment type that is included in onCourse, or remove a payment type that you don’t allow at your organisation e.g. cheque, provided you have never taken any payments by that method.

2.2. Banking window restructure

The new banking window allows you to see all payment in and out transactions grouped together on their banking date, including those banked automatically such as credit card and EFTPOS. This will assist with reconciliation process, as well as allow you to easily locate and edit the banking dates of transactions such as EFT/direct deposit. To access this window from the top menu by clicking on Financial → Banking. You can manually bank money from this window by clicking on the '+' icon inside the banking list view. Alternatively, the 'Deposit banking' window can still be accessed in the 'Accounts' tab of the dashboard.

2.3. Transfer enrolment wizard

A transfer enrolment process has been added to the enrolment window cog wheel function. This is similar to the 'cancel enrolment' process with the addition of opening Quick Enrol at the end of the process, pre loaded with the student, payer and course details, allowing you to make a speedy transfer of the student to another class.

2.4. Reports and scripts

  • Update all class roll reports that include the tutor names to use a consistent layout so tutor names display correctly. Custom rolls have also been updated and will be distributed directly #25042

  • A new report has been added to show the detail of the enrolments which have taken up a discount offer, called Discounts Take Up. This report can be printed from the discount window, and groups by each discount type each class and its enrolments from the date range entered in the report runner. #22885

  • An optional notification section for the "USI reminder script":https://github.com/ari/oncourse-scripts/blob/master/scripts/send-usi-reminder.groovy has been added, to alert a manager to the number of students emailed each week. You can auto update your script using the button inside onCourse, or manually by adding to the end:

      smtp {
        from preference.email.admin
        subject 'USI reminder email notification'
        to preference.email.admin
        content "A USI reminder was sent to ${enrolmentsWithoutUsi.size()} students enrolled in VET classes who have not supplied their USI."

    You can manually change your script from preference.email.admin to the actual email address of your choice.#24396

  • Custom fields in reports can now be easily accessed using syntax like this: $F{contact}.passportNumber or if the field name contains spaces like this $F{contact}.customFieldValuehow did you hear").

3. Minor features

  • Membership expiry date is now editable during the Quick Enrol sales process for the membership. This allows you to override the automatically set date (based on the membership type preferences) to another date of your choice.#24089

  • Overdue column has been added to the invoice list view window to show the amount of the invoice that is currently overdue for payment. This is of particular use to invoices under payment plan agreements. #24307

  • 'empty' and 'is not empty' search options have been added to all onCourse advanced search fields, allowing you to search for example for students who have a USI, rather than a specific USI #24874

  • Add 'debtors account code' to advanced search options for invoice window`#25114`

  • If you use the cogwheel to 'Show courses on web site' in the course list', and the course status was set to 'disabled', the status will now be changed to 'enabled and visible online' #25359

4. Fixes

  • Allow private classes and traineeships to be marked as self paced on creation #25008

  • Allow copy and paste in search fields #25029

  • Fix to the layout of the payment in and payment out window defaults so fields are not truncated from view #25036

  • Students TFNs were being cleared from their record when it was opened in Quick Enrol. This has has been fixed. #25116

  • Any 'Special Needs' notations made on the Documents tab are not being retained after saving and closing. This has has been fixed. #25178

  • Students that have no active enrolments are not displayed under 'students currently enrolled' filter #19074

  • Apply rounding options to final price instead of just discount value . This will correct some 1c rounding issues that may show on purchases which have GST applied.#24133, #25094, #25059

  • Fix to discount window where save process could fail if classes are added before a discount name #25269

  • Fix to the payment out post processing process to ensure the refund advice email is sent where enabled by the corresponding script #10073

  • Fix to the voucher expiry job to ensure that vouchers where the purchase price has been modified expire correctly. Old records that did not correctly expire will be corrected as part of the upgrade process #25102