1. Major features

1.1. Script widgets

We’ve had attractive cards for queries when creating automation script for ages now. In this release we’ve added similar cards to all common closures (actions within { } ).

1.2. Script trigger on specific attribute change

Before you could trigger scripts on edit/create/delete events for any type of object. Now you can cause those triggers to only run when a specific attribute is changed. For example, this makes it much easier to run an event when a contact changes their 'do not contact for marketing' flag, or a value is added to special needs.

1.3. Assessment grading

Assessments now have a grading feature and you can define your own grade schemas. Score assessments out of 100, 10 or any other number. Assign thresholds to certain scores. Or just create a dropdown list of grades such as A to F or pass/fail.

2. Minor features

  • Site and Room fields in Sessions are now drop-down boxes OD-13928

  • Improved error messages for when voucher is expired or redeemed OD-15351

  • Scripts: add a new system script for MailChimp OD-15903

  • Custom fields with regular expression matching OD-15915

3. Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where membership scripts trigger was missing OD-15659

  • createAdminUsers.txt doesn’t reset passwords OD-15989

  • Fixed issue where bulk changes to sessions weren’t updating properly for sessions not yet saved OD-16009