1. Important changes

1.1. Optional USI script change

Please read this information carefully and decide if you wish to update the default script 'Send USI reminder'.

The USI reminder has been adjusted to send to only to students enrolled in courses with units of competency attached. The previous implementation was to send to VET flagged courses, however some onCourse users VET flag courses with no modules for funding purposes, and those students don’t need a USI. An additional line has also been added to send a notification to your onCourse admin email address (as per your onCourse message preference settings) each time this message is sent, advising how many students were contacted. If you wish to update your script to the new version as described, please go to File > Preferences > Scripts and locate 'send USI reminder'. Double click on the script and click the button 'Update to latest version'. Ensure the 'enabled' flag is also set. You may also wish to adjust your enrolment confirmation email template that sends the first USI request to enrolling students. In both the plain text and HTML email, before the USI request text is a string that says:

 <% if (enrolment.courseClass.course.isVET == true) { %>

Replace it with:

 <% if (enrolment.courseClass.course.modules.size() > 0) { %>

2. Major features

2.1. Import AVETMISS outcome data from NAT00080, NAT00085 & NAT00120 files

Of particular use to customers new to onCourse transitioning from another AVETMISS enabled student management system, onCourse will now allow you to import and create student contacts from the combination of NAT00080, NAT00085 & NAT00120 files. The NAT00080, NAT00085 will create contact records in onCourse, and any enrolment data in the NAT00120 (whether VET or non-VET) will be added as prior learning records to the student files created.

3. Reports and scripts

  • Standard certificate CSV export updated to include all relevant data for use in providing details of your onCourse certificate registrar to an auditor or external body #15094

  • Added grouping and subtotals by financial income account to the 'Income journal projection' report #26982

  • Added new report 'Income summary projection' to show the forward projection summaries for each financial income account. This shows the same data as the 'Income journal projection' report, but without the class detail #26982

  • The onCourse scripting engine can now be used to schedule and send SMS messages #27028

  • Descriptions have been added for all onCourse default scripts #26637

4. Minor features

  • A new field has been added to the financial preferences tab called 'invoice remittance instructions'. Enter your custom instructions for your invoice payments here e.g. bank account details, and it will print on invoices with an outstanding balance to pay #26912

  • onCourse now remembers the user preference for the list view sort column, so when you close a list view and reopen it, it will reopen showing the data listed in the same way #20965

  • You can now sort list views by multiple columns at once by holding down the shift key and clicking on multiple column headers. The sort order is determined by the order the column headers are clicked upon i.e the first column clicked is the primary sort order, followed by the second column clicked ect. #20965

  • For AVETMISS field values that populate from class, to enrolment and then to outcome, the lock/unlock icon is used to show where values have been inherited (field shows a value with a locked padlock) versus where the value has been overridden (field is in editable mode, with an unlocked padlock) #25252

  • A new field, Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) has been added to the enrolment edit window for CRICOS enrolments. This field does not report as part of the AVETMISS standard #27121

  • The Discount edit layout has been refreshed to improve the usability and grouping of related discount options`#27300`

5. Fixes

  • Increased size of company name field in contact record view #26836

  • Fix bug where contact address was missing from invoices where a class on the invoice had a payment plan #27125

  • Display name of voucher edit window now displays correct name 'voucher type' #27132

  • Removed extraneous validation in Quick Enrol that could cause an exception where an enrolment was removed from QE #26786

  • Fix to Quick Enrol that could cause the application to lock up when a class with more than 1,000 discounts was selected #27254

  • Fix the Google 'get location' tool in the sites records to retrieve the latitude and longitude of the site address #26821

  • Tab between fields order was adjusted on the contact record to ensure consistent and expected left to right behaviour #26693

  • Remove reference to 'this invoice' when a user is processing a payment in via Quick Enrol #26858

  • Fix to 'find related invoices' from the accounts window to ensure it returns the expected results #26891

  • Remove caching of payslip list view to improve ability to locate newly created records #27067

  • Fix to edit/save behaviour of multi record update options such as setting outcome values or adding/removing tags, so that if the record is not saved then the changes to the associated records are not saved #26837

  • Add correct pluralisation to sub list headings i.e. add 's' to the name when there is more than one record #26995

  • Pre-populate student information into Quick Enrol when the 'add enrolment' option is clicked inside their contact record #27263

  • Improve load time between onCourse splash screen and login window`#26983`

  • mySQL upgrade from AUTO_PK to db generated primary keys for improved use of database transaction functionality`#26963`

  • Improved the opening speed of the CorporatePass edit view by removing the embedded list of invoices that have used the CorporatePass. The find related function shows this information as needed`#27172`

  • Improved layout for payment plans in the invoice edit view. Payment lines are now arranged in chronological order so it logically follows Invoice and Payment In lines. Removed from view any unnecessary overdue values for initial payment lines #27204

  • Fix to the 'Hide discounted price on web' option in the discount window so it can be applied when a discount is eligible via a CorporatePass redemption, and not shown to general visitors on the website`#27300`

  • Performance improvements to the send email process when large batches of emails are sent together`#27328`

6. Web features

  • Removed rollover and hover text from portal to improve user experience on touch screen devices #25991

  • A payment agreement template was added to the website files, allowing users to customise the wording of the agreement to the terms and conditions of sale, and insert multiple links to other documents where required #26191

  • Added search options ?near and ?time to course pages, so classes displayed on these pages can be filtered for display #26499

  • Negative discounts that apply to web enrolments will automatically take priority over other discounts available #26540

  • Address, suburb and postcode field data collection via the USI portal is always mandatory, regardless of the CMS settings for the enrol app #26605

7. Web fixes

  • Fix to contact merge process to retain relationships for portal logins #26014

  • Ensure * option in custom field choices displays as 'other' in web enrolment and portal pages #26677

  • Fix to faceted search functionality that was impacted by non alpha characters in the tag names #27082

  • Fix to portal iCal feed, where some new classes were not automatically added to user calendars #26618

  • Fix to rich text rendering in portal to display italic text #27224

  • Improved wording to final confirmation screen of online enrolment/purchasing process when no payment is made #27270