1. Major features

The find related records function in onCourse is such a regularly used and powerful function of the onCourse application, that we have moved this feature out of the cogwheel list and in to its very own own action icon to make it more prominant. You can now access the 'Find related' feature to the right of the search box in all onCourse list views. It’s icon looks like a magnifying glass hovering over a stack of papers.

The Find Related icon can now be found to the right of the search field in all onCourse list views

1.2. Class cancellation notifications moved to script and email templates

When a class was cancelled in previous versions of onCourse, a window opened asking if the user wanted to send a message to the students to notify them, using a template that couldn’t be easily customised. To make this process consistant with other automated notifications, a new script and email template set have been developed to replace this manual message. Please review the new template called 'Enrolment cancellation' and make the appropriate changes for your college before enabling this script.

The new script 'Send enrolment cancellation' is disabled by default. If you wish to use it at your college you will need to enable it. Please note that enabling this script will automatically send the 'Enrolment cancellation' email message to all enrolled students each time you cancel a class. If this script is enabled this process will happen in the background without the opportunity to review or disable the sending of the message.

Another new script and email template pair have been added to notify tutors when a class is cancelled, in the same way students are notified. Review the script called 'Send tutor class cancellation' which is disabled by default, and 'Tutor notice of class cancellation' email template for any adjustments you wish to make before enabling this script.

Note these scripts do not trigger when an enrolment is cancelled - only when a class is cancelled.

2. Reports and scripts

  • A new template for Skill Set Statements of Attainment was added, that will automatically print when a certificate record is set to be a full Skill Set achievement #25684

  • New scripts to allow integration with Cloud Assess LMS have been added to onCourse. A self service API integration option will be added as part of a future release. This early stage integration is to pass over enrolment data from onCourse to create students and enrolments in Cloud Assess. #27605

3. Minor features

  • Supress AVETMISS export field for enrolment moved from VET Fee Help tab to General tab #25396

  • Require self-hosted onCourse installations to upgrade to the previous major version, before applying further updates. If you are not currently runnning the latest onCourse 8.0 release before applying this upgrade, you will be notified to upgrade to that version first. #27472

  • Implementation of the add enrolment and cancel enrolment function from inside the contact record using the + and - buttons on the education tab #27472

  • Add 'Send email from template' to the Contact list view. Note that there are no current default email templates in onCourse that send to contacts, however some users may have created their own email templates they wish to send using this function #27336

  • Add new student.portalLink functions that can be embedded in email templates and scripts to allow students to by pass the login process to access a specific and named resource #27697

  • Collision detection in the room timetable view reinstated #27404

4. Fixes

  • Fix for exception in Quick Enrol that could occur when a fee or payment amount contains a comma #27523

  • Moved the CQR export from the certificate cogwheel and into the export list to make it more consistent with other onCourse export processes #27277

  • Restored the functionality of opening related contacts from inside a contact record with the 'open related' icon #27539

  • Fix to voucher redemption process to update the redeemed value immediately #26126

  • Only display payment plan payment due dates on invoices that are fully or partially unpaid #27203

  • Ensure Certificates created with a retrospective Awarded On date are collected in the AVETMISS NAT00130 export for their date range #27452

  • Allow newly purchased vouchers to be redeemed immediately in Quick Enrol #27505

  • Ensure if 'export only VET courses' is selected in the AVETMISS export runner, non VET Prior Learning records do not export #27525

  • Fix to contact CSV export to export the student language name correctly`#27574`

  • Empty column removed from all onCourse default class rolls #27586

  • Significant improvement to onCourse server memory usage when large scripted emails queue to send #27625

  • Remove from Banking Deposit display unsuccessful and reversed payment types #27664

  • Show negative values (Payments Out - refunds) in brackets in the Banking Deposit list to clearly identify them #27664

  • In the Banking Deposit window total, deduct payments out (refunds) processed during the day from the total amount banked #27664

  • Fix to record creation, saving and editing process while large message batches are being created and updated #27673

  • Prevent discounts attached to CorporatePass use from displaying or being accessible in Quick Enrol #27754

  • Prevent null pointer exception when a Quick Enrol process including a payment plan invoice is unticked during the creation process #27828

  • Prevent the shifting of outcome start and end dates when the onCourse client and server are operating in different timezones #27669

5. Web features

  • An important change has been made to the student USI collection portal to improve the quality of the data collected by RTOs. Contact data mandatory for AVETMISS reporting that has not been supplied on enrolment, such as Address, Suburb, Postcode and Date of Birth will be requested in the first step. The second step now requests the students complete the AVETMISS questions, with the USI as the third step. #27332

  • Addition of OpenGraph and Facebook Namespaces to HTML tag for all default and custom website templates #22081

  • Allow tag description content to be added to root tags and to render on www.mysite.com/courses and www.mysite.com/subjects pages on the website #23330

6. Web fixes

  • Fix to display the $ symbol when displaying the corporatePass discount fees on the web #27269

  • Fix to the user switching function inside the skillsOnCourse portal which would not correctly lock/unlock the USI field when swapping between contacts #27583

  • Fix to the display of the 'loading more courses' icon at the bottom of a course list page when visiting an onCourse website from an iOS device #26480

  • Allow CMS redirects for pages containing unique characters in the URL such as % #27054