1. Major features

1.1. Distribution of VET Certificates through the portal

A new script has been added to automatically print and distribute VET Certificates through the skillsOnCourse portal called 'send certificate vet created notification'. Like all new scripts, it is disabled by default and you will need to enable it if you wish to use it.

Each day, all unprinted VET Certificates for student who have a validated USI will be printed to PDF and saved to the student’s enrolment record.

You will need to make sure you have created and uploaded the following three two page background documents to onCourse before enabling this script: vet_qualification_background.pdf, vet_skillset_background.pdf, and vet_soa_background.pdf. The script will overlay the certificate template on the correct background type during the print process.

The Certificate will then be uploaded to the student portal, and the student sent an email notifying them is available for download.

The same email template, 'Certificate available', also called on by the non-VET Certificate of Attendance distribution script is sent. Ensure any modifications you make to the template suit the recipient of both VET and non-VET certificates, or create a copy of the template to send a different email to VET certified students.

2. Reports and scripts

  • Update to the printed invoice report template to show the number of product items purchased on an invoice`#28218`

3. Minor features

  • Changed advanced search date operates 'before' and 'after' to say 'before and on' and 'after and on' so the meaning is clearer #27589

  • Removed the print and export 'all' option from the user interface for simplification. All records can still be printed or exported by ensuring the list view contains all the records prior to selecting print or export #2772

  • Add the ability to cancel an enrolment from inside the contact and class record using the delete icon`#27928`

  • Moved the display of the payer name inside Quick Enrol from next to the items list to the payment list for improved clarity as to which contact in the process is the debtor`#28088`

  • Improved linking inside onCourse to the specific sections of the user documentation`#28268`

4. Fixes

  • Scroll bar added to preferences window left hand pane #27873

  • Fix to record status updates from inside edit view process to immediately update status change in related list views #28117

  • Allow payment plan payment due dates to be set prior to the invoice creation date #27557

  • Fix to 'add this discount when creating or duplicating classes' to add the discount to all classes, including those where it did not previously apply #27679

  • Improvement to the merge student process to prevent merging when both students have active enrolments in the same class #27787

  • Where prior learning data is non-VET, export it for AVETMISS with the module code ISH+ID of the record to ensure there are no inadvertent duplications of NAT00060 records`#27878`

  • Restore the display of the invoice number in the contact education tab record`#27944`

  • Prevent deletion of a prior learning record where one of it’s outcomes are joined to a certificate record`#28004`

  • Fix to update contact details screen for students with a validated USI to show mouse cursor in the correct position`#28015`

  • Improved mouse scroll behavious in large text fields, such as scripts and templates`#28013`

  • Improved colour coding of classes in list view to indicate enrolment status. Classes that are disabled for enrolment or cancelled show in light grey font, classes with enrolment enabled via onCourse only in dark grey font, and classes where enrolment is allowed online in black font`#28058`

  • Display time of creation for invoics in the contact financial tab`#28088`

  • Allow access to open document attachments from inside Quick Enrol`#28101`

  • Fix to allow bulk tagging via mouse right click from the enrolments, waiting lists and payslips list view windows`#28144`

  • Scrolling through record edit views in the contact list using the next and previous options will attempt to load the next record on the same tab as the previous record. Where that tab is not available, the next tab is selected #28247

  • Fix to the VET Fee Help 'Fee charged' value, which was displaying $0.00 for some enrolment records, rather than the fee charged`#28343`

  • Prevent outcome start date from being reset to the class start date when the end date is edited manually`#28394`

  • Ensure data entered from inside a sheet opened from within a record edit view prompts the user to save when leaving the record`#28137`

  • Correctly export AVETMISS NAT00120 Specific Funding Identifer data from outcome record #28196

  • Improvement to CloudAssess integration to check for student duplicates on enrolment in a cloudAssess class`#28397`

5. Web fixes

  • Allow students to manage their unsubscriptions without a login using $\{contact.getPortalLink("subscriptions")} in email templates #27344

  • Fix to the CMS editing process to allow multiple tabs to be open and edited at the same time`#28195`

  • Improvement to attendance marking replication process between the skillsOnCourse portal and onCourse where a class has multiple sessions on the same day`#27761`

  • Allow office onCourse users to successfully complete an enrolment for a student who abandoned their enrolment part way through on the web, but did not cancel it`#28168`

  • Improvement to the use of CorporatePass on the web to ensure any discount that applies to corporate pass users is removed if the purchaser changes their mind and instead enrols and pays with a credit card`#26731`

  • Upgrade to the Solr search engine used on the web to improve speed and mutli faceted search options`#26731`