1. Reports and scripts

  • Two new AVETMISS imports were added to onCourse, allowing users to import data from external systems 'AVETMISS student update import' and 'AVETMISS outcome update import' which either create new, or update existing student records with the same First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. #26792

  • Fix to the 'Enrolment notification' email to tutors to display the price the student paid inclusive of any discounts. Change the line `Fee Paid: ${enrolment.invoiceLine.priceEachExTax.add(enrolment.invoiceLine.taxEach)} GST ${enrolment.invoiceLine.taxEach.isZero() ? 'free' : 'inc'} `


    `Fee Paid: ${enrolment.invoiceLine.discountedPriceTotalIncTax} GST ${enrolment.invoiceLine.taxEach.isZero() ? 'free' : 'inc'} `

    in both the plain and HTML copy of the template, or update the whole template with the latest version from the Github repository` #29002`

2. Minor features

  • The Tag edit view has been redesigned for a clearer and more concise user experience, including a new field to add a custom URL to your tags #27055

  • When duplicating courses, related courses and products and attachments are copied to the new course #29136

  • Show a red arrow in the preferences window if an aspect of the settings have a validation error and are preventing the window from saving #26613

  • The invoice remittance field height in the financial preferences has been increased to display multiple lines of text #27796

  • Report retained outcomes from cancelled enrolments in AVETMISS. By default, only outcomes given a status prior to cancelation are retained #28141

  • Remember last used directory when selecting files for import`#26650`

3. Fixes

  • Reinstate the Trial balance and MYOB export options option from the Financial - Summary Extracts menu so historical reports can be reprinted/re-exported #29213

  • Update the list of required import files when switching between import types` #27351`

  • Improvement to the AVETMISS import to always select English for any English equivalent language type such as 'American' #28239

  • Reinstate admin permision to edit historical note records #29284

  • Improvement to invoice date time to avoid date display changes across timezones #28861

  • Fix to credit card banking settlement date, to be reported date from the gateway rather than the onCourse banked on date #29335